The Embassy of God church in Ukraine has attracted a number of adherents, as well as a number of detractors. While founder Sunday Adelaja insists he's out to save souls, an attorney said he's out to swindle and scam.
Dozens of books have been banned in India because of their themes and topics. The country is trying to get Google and Facebook to devise a means of pre-filtering religiously objectionable content. All this, taken together, has many saying the country's freedom of speech is disappearing.
A French TV show that stars latex puppets has ignited a controversy between Spain and France with its unflattering depiction of Spanish athletes, accusing them of using performance enhancing drugs in their recent string of athletic victories.
As Egypt struggles to get back moving in the wake of its revolution and the army's stubborn hold on power, there's a growing feeling of xenophobia, foreigners say, on the streets of the country's cities.
Sunday's Grammy Awards may be the first in some time to see protesters. They're angry over the removal of 31 categories from the awards event. But if you're more interested in the music, you may enjoy Richard Savino's El Mundo, nominated for Best Small Ensemble Performance.
Among California's burgeoning Middle Eastern population, not everything is well. Many of the newest immigrants, refugees, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But cultural stereotypes make them loath to get the help they need.
Yurko Nazaruk opened a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine that is designed to look like the sort of underground bunkers used by insurgents during World War II. It was so successful he opened one that's themed after the country's Jewish community, all but wiped out during the war, Lviv-born writer Leopold van Sacher Masoch, who lent his name to masochism. But not everyone is pleased.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is running for his fourth term in office this year but, for the first time, he's facing an opposition that has unified in opposition to his re-election. launched in Germany to help a couple of college students stay in love. A decade later, the business is thriving in Europe and it's starting to turn its eye toward the U.S. market.
A recent string of building collapses serve as a deadly reminder of the costs of not maintaining and inspecting aging infrastructure.