China opens the 2008 Olympic Games with a lavish ceremony in Beijing, watched on TV by more than one billion people.
A South African judge argues that laws that make it illegal for someone to transmit HIV to another person are bad public policy.
Federal prosecutors say they've cracked the largest cyber crime syndicate ever -- charging 11 people from 5 different countries with identity theft.
Christian missionaries are in Beijing for the Olympics, hoping to find a way to share their faith at the Games.
Thoughtful book suggestions from world-class authors Salman Rushdie, Sasa Stanisic and Tahmima Anam.
This weekend, the sixth annual World Cos-play Summit is taking place in Nagoya, Japan -- for manga fans, its the ultimate competition.
A suspected terrorist attack in a western Chinese province is raising security concerns just days before the start of the Olympics.
A UN-sponsored report claims the international community has failed to provide even the most basic support to Darfur.
Health officials in Uganda would like to promote male circumcision as part of a campaign to reduce HIV/AIDS, but Uganda's president doesn't support the idea.
China's response to a new report by Amnesty International that concludes that its human rights situation has gotten worse.