Because of Myanmar's economic stagnation over the past decades, very little development has taken place -- which has allowed the country's historic colonial buildings to endure. But as the country loosens up, some preservationists are worried it may lead to destruction of relatively rundown, but still historic, buildings.
If all goes as planned, Haiti, yes North America's Haiti, will become the latest member of the African Union sometime in January. Haiti and Africa share a sense of history, and African countries stepped up in the wake of Haiti's earthquake, which has led some to conclude the time is right to formalize their ties.
The Soviet Union and the United States came close to World War III some 50 years ago when, on Oct. 16, 1962, the United States discovered that the Soviet Union had installed nuclear missiles in Cuba.
Late last week, the European Union was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize — an award that celebrates individuals and organizations that move the world toward a more peaceful state. But the award comes at a time of upheaval in the EU, with financial troubles fracturing the unifying force.
The military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay is hearing the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Experts say the judges will have a difficult time conducting a trial that is viewed as legitimate in spit of serious obstacles.
Jason de Leon regularly traipses the deserts of the American southwest, in search of artifacts and information that could help him understand how Mexican migrants move across the border and into the United States. In the process, he's trying to understand how the harsh conditions impact what he finds.
When the earthquake struck Haiti, doctors, nurses and medical specialists rushed to Haiti, in an effort to help. But what some of them, and some outside analysts have found is that instead of helping, some may have made the situation worse and many, perhaps even most, were totally unprepared for what they had to do.
There's movement, slight, to restart the stalled Israel-Palestinian peace process. But Israel wants to introduce a new element to the discussion. They're seeking compensation for Middle Eastern Jews forced from their homelands, in exchange for compensation for Palestinian refugees.
Humans and apes share many characteristics and even more DNA. But we diverge greatly in the way we influence the world around us. New research, by a Harvard anthropologist, suggests it may be because of the way we interact with each other -- and not just the way we think.
The Mexican Navy has emerged as the leading force in Mexico battling the drug cartels. On Monday, it managed to kill the leader of the Zetas drug cartel, without even knowing it. They didn't realize who they had until the cartel snatched the body back — out of a Mexican morgue.