Ethiopia saw a number of its people leave the country decades ago, when a communist government took power. Now, with the country having achieved stability, and the country trending upward, many emigrants are returning home. And they're bringing business and economic success with them.
Israel's mainstream Jewish community is upset with the way its Ultra-Orthodox community is exempted from requirements to do military or national service and often doesn't pay any taxes. That tension provided an opening for an American-born rabbi, Dov Lipman to be elected with a goal of bridging the divide.
The Filipino Catholic Church has long been influential in the country's politics, as well as its morality. But that influence is waning, and perhaps nowhere is that more visible in the end of a decade-long battle to enact legislation providing for free contraceptives to the country's residents.
Before the French came in and pushed the Islamic militants out of the towns in northern Mali, many of the country's historic artifacts and cultural history were threatened. But because of the forethought of some Malians, including calligrapher Boubacar Sadek, the country's manuscripts were saved. For now.
Father Ramon Borr decided his Spanish church wasn't quite as lively as he wanted. So he found a couple of graffiti artists and told them to liven things up. And he didn't just give them a hidden wall -- he gave them the dome over the altar as their canvas, perhaps the most prominent place in the church.
Europe has a long history of searching for and cataloging its indigenous species. But, surprisingly, a number of species still went undiscovered. Now, there's a renewed effort to find the insects and other small creatures previously unknown — before humans unknowingly force them into extinction.
When Capt. Blake Hall left Iraq, he was preparing to bring his friend and Iraqi interpreter to the United States with him. Unfortunately, a short time later, the interpreter was killed while on patrol with other soldiers. Now, Hall has finally succeeded in bringing the man's family to the U.S.
When four Mormons went on their mission trips to China, they unlocked a passion for Chinese music. They learned new instruments that have allowed them to present a completely different type of music from anything heard in the United States.
The United Nations was going to be located in the United States -- that much was sure. But just where the new headquarters, the new capital of the world, would be located, was much debated back in the 1940s. A new book looks at that battle.
Falconry has been an integral part of the heritage of the United Arab Emirates. And despite the rapid modernization the country has undergone, falconry remains culturally significant. So much so that there's a massive veterinary hospital devoted to caring for the birds.