Many international experts are scratching their heads, trying to determine what Iran would have hoped to gain from an assassination of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States — and why they chose to involve Mexican cartels.
American culture has a way of spreading. in the case of Roller Derby, it found its way to Colombia, in South America, by way of a Hollywood movie, Whip it.
The media over emphasize the problems in Africa, neglect the good stories, and don't give solutions, according to one prominent African blogger.
Despite winning this year's Nobel Prize, incumbent President Ellen Johnson may not win Liberia's upcoming election.
Palestinian militants kidnapped Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, more than five years ago. He's become a political symbol inside of Israel, and he may be released in days.
Join us as we look back at the legacy of Richard Holbrooke, the American super diplomat who couldn't quite achieve all his goals in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Social media has revolutionized the way many humans communicate. In Mexico, that means it's become one of the only ways residents can get information about drug cartel violence. But that has the government nervous.
In an effort to gain a level of international acceptance, the government of Myanmar has agreed to grant amnesty to some of the political dissidents it has imprisoned.
In an effort to get a handle on its HIV/AIDS infection rate, health officials in Zimbabwe have launched an ambitious campaign to circumcise 1.2 million men in seven years.
American officials say they disrupted a major terror plot with a connection to Iran.