Pakistani films used to provide an escape of sorts for those trying to forget about the troubles of the day, but now Pakistan's home grown cinema is struggling to survive.
Although Sri Lanka's government declared an end to its civil war with Tamil rebels this week, the government's triumphal may be unwarranted.
The winning innovations include a disaster recovery device, a wireless microscope with transmitter, and a disease-diagnostics imaging platform.
The U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division is part of the first installment of additional American forces deployed to Afghanistan.
Stories from Heart to Heart -- a group that sends medical teams to Russia to perform surgery on children born with congenital heart defects.
Either Van Gogh cut off his ear, or Paul Gauguin did it for him; art historians can't decide.
The British government to remove DNA data of close to a million innocent people from its crime database.
The Minnesota International Health Volunteers group created a unique family planning message to fit the cultural needs of the Somali population in that state.
The post is over 300 years old, but Carol Ann Duffy is the first woman to be named poet laureate in the UK.
ACLEDA Bank began as a micro-lender, loaning tiny sums to allow Cambodians to open small businesses -- now it's become the country's largest bank.