Donald Trump has callously thrown around accusations of treason aimed toward his political rivals — others think the president's actions are worthy of the charge. Treason is a high bar to prove in the US, but in Ukraine, a presidential treason conviction was announced earlier this year. And it has lessons for American democracy, experts say.

The financial crisis and foreign policy -- at the debate, what the candidates said, and what they left out.
Micro-loans have helped some of the poorest people in the developing world become entrepreneurs.
Internet communications tool Skype has come under fire -- its partner in China has been storing users' personal text messages.
Governments across Europe are struggling to save their banks, the EU calls for tougher regulations.
American designers and architects are distributing a textile in Mexico that absorbs the sun's rays during the day, and gives off light at night.
Bossa nova legend Sergio Mendes brought popular Brazilian rhythms to America, and he's been spinning out tunes for over 40 years.
Tony Award-nominated actress Anna Deavere Smith talks about her on-going project called "On the Road: The Search for American Character."
Detroit automakers and UAW agree to new wage system for workers, which they hope will bring jobs back to U.S.
In the U.K., Belgium and other parts of Europe, governments step in the rescue troubled financial institutions.
Reporter Dexter Filkins has covered the Taliban, 9/11, and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq -- he's now written a book about all of those experiences.