While the United States focused on Facebook's byzantine privacy policies, Europe stewed over Google Street View's capture of people's private data.
Italy constructs its artistic future with a new modern art museum, the Maxxi, which opens this weekend in Rome.
Farmers in Mexico have been clearing their ecologically important cacao farms. Chocolate lovers are trying to help them bring the cacao back.
Polio has reappeared in Russia for the first time in years, igniting a debate over whether people should try to eradicate or simply manage diseases.
China is pouring investment into Africa, with no political strings attached. But is that investment hurting Africans?
Zimbabweans looking for work in South Africa are met with tension and violence from locals who believe the immigrants are taking their jobs.
Americans are exporting Western concepts of mental illness. Unfortunately, the American way might not be the best.
Even among people making less than $1.00 each day, many Indonesians make room in their budgets for cigarettes.
While westerners design products to aid the "developing world," Carolina Vallejo created a competition for people from the developing world to design for the west.
Europe's environmental laws are forcing US companies to take responsibility for the full ecological impact of their products.