Greece's ERT is no more, at least over the air. The long-time public broadcaster lost its signal this week when the government decided to pull the plug, as the broadcasters were in mid-sentence. But the journalists have continued to work, moving their signal to the Internet.
Shyreen Ziadeh runs a dance studio in Ramallah, in the Palestinian Territories. It's not what she dreamed of doing, but it's all she can imagine doing these days. She introduces ballet to youngsters, and gives them a refuge from everyday life.
History has taught us that New York City was founded by the Dutch as New Amsterdam, before it was renamed. But now, researchers are highlighting an immigrant from what is now the Dominican Republic who is believed to be the first immigrant to arrive.
For many travelers, dinner consists of room service, or fast food. But Jay Savasni wasn't satisfied with the norm, so he went about creating an online service that connects travelers with people willing to share a home-cooked meal with them.
As the developing world becomes more affluent, many of the newly rich are wanting to have butlers and other personal servants. The gold standard for those personal servants is butlers trained in the United Kingdom, which has created a demand that far outstrips supply.
The United States loves its paper money. Dollar coins get introduced and re-introduced but they still remain the domain, largely, of vending machines. But a new bill in Congress seeks to change that, by phasing out the paper dollar bills. And supporters say it would bring a financial boon for the government.
Most dog owners can tell you about a time they forgot to pick up after their dog -- even if it was an accident. But one Spanish town has had enough, encouraging pet owners to be responsible by boxing up their left-behinds and delivering them to the owners' homes.
Kleber Gomes, better known by his stage name of Criolo, is one of Brazil's most prominent rappers. His music, which draws inspiration from his humble upbringing in the favelas os Sao Paulo, has been praised by some of Brazil's most well-known musicians.
For immigrants, learning English can be a major barrier to economic and social success in this country. In California, employers have agreed to put a few cents per hour into a fund to help them do just that. But in some cases, companies are going a step further.
When Senator John Kerry was named U.S. secretary of state, it opened a vacancy in the Senate. Now, with a special election approaching, campaigning is ramping up. The Republicans, seeing how vulnerable they were among Latinos last November, have chosen a candidate who could be straight out of central casting.