In China, there's a special market for white, native-English speaking Americans -- good money can be made simply by being a white westerner.
Amsterdam's ambitious plan to lower its carbon footprint by 40 percent in 2025 by aggressively going green.
Former Apollo astronaut and artist Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on the moon captures his experiences in space on canvas.
Security concerns over photos posted on Facebook of head of Britain's spy agency playing Frisbee in Speedo.
The Obama Administration condemns the coup in Honduras, putting the US in the unusual position of siding with traditional foes Venezuela and Cuba.
Fewer than ten H1N1 cases are confirmed in Africa, but health experts worry the disease may spread in the continent's crowded slums.
Save Our Sounds, a new BBC project, features an online map of sound clips uploaded by people all over the world.
The opposition leader also said the crackdown following the disputed June 12th election amounts to a coup.
A million cookie-cutter houses built in the 1940s in Canada may have a future as energy-independent homes; the energy savings could be substantial.
The Scottish city of Glasgow will finally be able to see Monty Python's "Life of Brian" on the screen now that a 30-year ban has been lifted.