For kids in Kenya looking to get a cheap high, glue is the way to go. The dealers aren't necessarily drug kingpins. More often than not, they're mothers, selling glue as a means to put food on the table for and clothes on the back of their own children.
East Jerusalem has long been tough for emergency responders to get to. The area's many streets don't have names, or numbers, meaning directions have to be given by landmarks. Jerusalem's municipal government is working to change that now, but many Palestinians who live in those neighborhoods are skeptical.
For Filipinos looking for a taste of heir homeland, Jollibee is ubiquitous. With more than 900 locations in the Philippines and a growing number of branches abroad, the fast food chain blends American style fast food with a uniquely Filipino culture.
Mitt Romney often talks about his heritage in Mexico, and his faith in the Mormon Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a complicated history in Mexico -- it's growing rapidly today, but more than 100 years ago it was a place Mormons went to avoid a prohibition on polygamy.
Brits are known for having a certain stiff upper lip. Keep Calm and Carry On and such. But recently, that stiff lip has, well, slackened. Take Andy Murray, who cried his way into British hearts during Wimbledon.
In their debates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have clashed repeatedly over the economy. In the final debate, Romney vowed to focus on Latin America, an area where he said Obama hasn't engaged — but is that even possible?
Denmark has enacted strict immigration laws that prevent Danes who marry foreigners from living in their home country. For many, that's meant moving to nearby Sweden and often commuting back and forth every day for work.
Egypt's Arab Spring revolution upended the country, including its entertainment. Out of the revolutionary shadow, Ghalia Mahmoud has risen to become known as the "Oprah of Egypt." She's the host of a new cooking show that's become very popular.
When the British government first decided to reveal the person behind their MI5 spy agency, many were surprised to find that the person was a she, not a he. That woman was Stella Rimington, who's become the basis of James Bond's M -- and a fiction writer in her own right.
Women across the Middle East are stepping into the workforce and into the entrepreneur force, and the turmoil of the economic spring is in some ways making that possible. Women face barriers to professional growth across the Arab world, and being their own bosses helps alleviate that.