Mali's split in two, the north controlled by a coalition of separatists and Islamic terrorists, the south governed by a weak, coalition government. Thousands have fled the sharia law implemented in the north, but there's no sign of an imminent resolution to the situation, despite months of talk.
The Parsis, who fled Iran in the face of the country's Muslim conversion centuries ago, settled across India and Pakistan. But in recent years, the prominent Karachi religious minority is declining, to the portion where the community may totally disappear.
Egypt's president, Mohamed Morsi, wants his decisions to be above judicial review. He said as much in a decree that he issued recently. And while he's backed off somewhat in the face of mounting political pressure, opposition groups are returning to a familiar place to try and assert their own power.
Ronald Aldana had a choice. Stay in Guatemala and be hunted down by gangs, or flee to the United States and try to make a new life. He chose to come to the United States. He applied for asylum, received it and has started a new life.
The Colorado River Delta runs dry before it reaches the ocean in Mexico. It's meant that a once-lush habitat has turned into a large, dry mud flat. But a new water-use agreement between the United States and Mexico seeks to change that.
If you look at a map of the Coral Sea, you might happen to see Sandy Island. But if you look at the island on Google Maps, it's merely a black blob. That's because the island doesn't really exist. It's actually just a mistake on a map, one that's been propagated for perhaps centuries.
Spain's Catalonia region went big for independence in this weekend's elections. But, across the border in France, the Catalans are a bit more laid back. While they celebrate their heritage, they consider themselves French first, a Catalonian second.
If you've seen Skyfall, you've probably been struck by the lair that the movie's villain has. It turns out, those deserted buildings and run down landscape are real, and really deserted, with a complicated history dating back to 19th century Japan.
Pilgrims by the thousands flock to the Sabarimala temple in India. There, they're treated to a light show they've been told is a divine miracle. But, in turns out, it was all faked, and a group of Indians wants the display to stop.
In a controversial vote in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, members of the Church of England's General Synod voted to prohibit women from serving as bishops within their church. The related U.S. Episcopal Church already allows women as bishops.