Opposition groups in Sudan are taking inspiration from Tunisia's revolution and talking openly about overthrowing President Omar al Bashir.
The French pop star, Johnny Hallyday, is a "national treasure" and still making music.
An innovative program in France provides salon-style help for the nation's unemployed, to help them restore their confidence and get jobs.
Ousted president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his family are worth an estimated $5 billion. Some people are trying to get the money back.
Cyber activists "Gaza Youth Breaks Out" take heart from the Tunisian overthrow of the government.
"The Great Game," a series of short plays about foreign involvement in Afghanistan, is being performed for the Pentagon.
North Korean defectors want to join in the fight against their former comrades. But South Korea's government says no.
Car sales in Argentina are going through the sun roof. Many people invest to avoid inflation.
One year after the earthquake that struck Haiti, the United States has begun deporting people back to Haiti again.
A new program from MIT aims to help create jobs in earthquake ravaged Haiti.