North Korean defectors want to join in the fight against their former comrades. But South Korea's government says no.
Car sales in Argentina are going through the sun roof. Many people invest to avoid inflation.
One year after the earthquake that struck Haiti, the United States has begun deporting people back to Haiti again.
A new program from MIT aims to help create jobs in earthquake ravaged Haiti.
The U.S. Army is testing a new vaccine for Malaria. Someone had to be willing to try it.
The man accused of murdering Pakistani governor Salmaan Taseer has found support on Facebook.
Millions of Colombians have been forced off their land in the country's long civil war. Now some of those people are getting their land back.
Sunil Pant, Nepal's first openly gay member of parliament, wants to bring much-needed tourism dollars to his home country.
The San Francisco-based nonprofit, La Cocina, helps immigrant entrepreneurs launch food businesses.
Some US farmers say a steady supply of legal immigrants has become too unreliable, so they're moving to where many of the workers come from: Mexico.