Millions of Colombians have been forced off their land in the country's long civil war. Now some of those people are getting their land back.
Sunil Pant, Nepal's first openly gay member of parliament, wants to bring much-needed tourism dollars to his home country.
The San Francisco-based nonprofit, La Cocina, helps immigrant entrepreneurs launch food businesses.
Some US farmers say a steady supply of legal immigrants has become too unreliable, so they're moving to where many of the workers come from: Mexico.
A chemistry professor teams up with a car manufacturer to figure out just how polluted Lebanon's streets are.
Africa may have a new country soon, as South Sudan looks at seceding from the North, but the future of that region is anything but certain.
The lottery brings Christmas cheer to nearly everyone in the Spanish village of Pallejah.
Iraqi refugees arriving in the United States can face a hard situation. Some nonprofits are trying to help.
A sex scandal has erupted in Malaysia over information in documents released by Wikileaks.
A new, Cuban spin on Wikipedia is now available on the internet, but don't expect to contribute.