China by far is bearing the biggest burden of the new coronavirus outbreak — only about 100 cases have been reported outside the country. But on Thursday, the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency of international concern, while at the same time recommending countries not limit trade and travel to China. Michael Mina, an infectious disease specialist at Harvard, explains what's known at this point about this disease and the best ways to respond.

Joseph Goebbels commissioned a movie, titled Titanic, that was to serve as a piece of anti-British Nazi propaganda. It was dramatized and fictionalized, but based on the same series of events that led to the famous ocean liner's sinking in the North Atlantic.
William Boyd, a popular British author, will be the latest person to take the mantle of Ian Fleming and write a book based on the well-known, popular James Bond character that Fleming introduced to the world in 1953.
Never before has such a dramatic power transfer in China unfolded in the Internet era. Making this even more dramatic is controversial news this week that a one-time popular party leader has been suspended from his posts and his wife has been arrested and charged with murder. All this is unfolding on the Internet in China.
Some 37 years after the United States pulled the last of its forces from Vietnam, ending the Vietnam War, the people of Vietnam are clamoring for closer ties to American culture. To do that, though, they need to know English. So in Vietnam, English is king.
In a closely-watched European court case, an EU human rights court said five terror suspects in the U.K. would not have their human rights violated if they were extradited to the United States. The case was viewed as a sort of referendum on the U.S. criminal justice system.
Hugo Chavez has been president of Venezuela for 12 years -- and he remains popular. But the outspoken leader of the South American country is facing the toughest challenge of his electoral career from Henrique Capriles, and it comes at a time when Chavez is battling cancer.
President Nicolas Sarkozy is hitting the streets this week as the start of formal campaigning has kicked off. His challengers, including Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melonchon are hoping to make the economy issue number one, while Sarkozy is hoping it's anything but.
Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, an outspoken critic of the former Egyptian regime and a proponent of the Arab Spring revolution, is among the most popular candidates for Egypt's presidency. But new information has emerged, that his mother might have obtained U.S. citizenship, which would disqualify him from running for office.
Rasquera, population about 3,000, has a budget problem. Roughly $1.5 million in debt from run-of-the-mill infrastructure projects. Like most Spanish communities, the economic downturn and debt crisis has laid it low, but a new plan has emerged, grow marijuana, that could pay off its bills -- if it doesn't split the town in half first.
A Scottish National Park, believed to be home to $300 million worth of gold, will be the home of a new gold mine at some point this year. And while some environmentalists are against the project, most locals are squarely behind it. They say it's a dose of much-needed economic development.