British Parliament has taken a different route to solving the budget crisis in the UK. Instead of deficit spending, they will cut government services, but the consequences are large...
The rapid spread of rabies throughout the island of Bali led Indonesian authorities to take drastic measures, and made animal-rights activists cry foul.
Iraq's capital needs about 1 million homes, but construction investors are hard to find.
While the Tea Party has energized conservatives in the United States, France is experiencing an upheaval in its own domestic politics.
A new group of potential U.N. nuclear inspectors has just begun its training course. They're the folks commonly known as "weapons inspectors" who help ensure that nuclear technology and material doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
Cuba is flirting with free-market reforms, while Cuban Americans try to help prepare the country for life under a version of capitalism.
People in Rio de Janeiro's notorious slums are moving toward the middle class, but many businesses shy away from the areas known for drug dealers and violence.
The acai fruit from the Amazon is billed as a miracle food that can cure cancer and help people lose weight. Brazilians know better.
British scientist Robert Edwards won a Nobel Prize for helping develop in-vitro fertilization. Now, scientists are bringing the technology to the developing world.
At a private dinner in a lavish setting in China, billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet tried to convince newly rich Chinese people to give away more money.