The fight against ISIS has consumed Iraq and Syria. Many women have answered the call to try and roll back the terrorists' forces, including this all-women group called the YPJ.
It's easy to condemn sex trafficking in Thailand — it's much harder to condemn actual people and their livelihoods.
On April 9th in Pretoria, South African Afrikaner singer Sunette Bridges chained herself to the statue of former Boer leader Paul Kruger, known as the father of the Afrikaner nation, to protest against calls for its removal. The statue was covered in gree
A South African satirist cartoonist says mock 'em, get mad at 'em, even remove 'em, but don't destroy the white oppressor statues. There's still things to learn from them.
Lifehunters, a digital production company in Amsterdam, carries an Ikea poster on an easel into the Museum of Modern art in Arnhem to see what art critics think of it.
Ikea paid a film crew in The Netherlands to bring an Ikea poster into the Museum of Modern Art to see if people would notice. Few did. And the Swedish furniture giant is laughing its way to the bank.
A policeman stops a 'Blockupy' anti-capitalist protester near the European Central Bank building before the official opening of its new headquarters in Frankfurt.
Seeing The News — Protest Edition: UK-based journalist Elliott Goat argued at the annual SXSW Interactive conference that activists are becoming as sophisticated as professionals on Madison Avenue when it comes to branding.
A Tibetan boy points a toy gun towards a girl during the function organized to mark "Losar" or the Tibetan New Year at a Tibetan Refugee Camp in Lalitpur.
Seeing The News: Kids celebrate the new year at the Tibetan Refugee Camp in Lalitpur. And, the fighting in eastern Ukraine is cold — literally. Also, can you spot a Russian bomber aircraft?
A man selling handwoven rugs in the city of Quetta, in western Pakistan. While the “war rugs” are in demand in Western countries, their value in the local Pakistani market is very low.
In recent weeks, Western media outlets have run pictures of rugs from Pakistan featuring drone images. It's part of a long-standing tradition of "war rugs" featuring designs of the weapons of the day, but no one had spoken to the weavers themselves — until now.
Students talk and catch up at Matilda Newport Junior High School, a public school, on the first day of registration for classes in Monrovia.
Seeing The News: In response to the Ebola epidemic, the Liberian government closed schools. Now they are set to reopen. Also we remember a time when the Queen drove the King. And, this outfit will make you love Canada.
Kolkata by VII photographer Ed Kashi
Seeing The News: The colors in Kolkata are vivid, especially when documented by VII photographer Ed Kashi. Also, meet the "cool kids" of South Korea (hint: think James Dean). And, who is influencing the influencers at Davos?
Hyundia car lot - SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg
Seeing The News: Take a look at this Hyundai facility in South Korea — that's a lot of cars. Also, celebrate with the Mawlids of Egypt and get an inside glance at one undocumented immigrant's college dream.