Kenya, China and parts of South Asia are leading a charge toward renewable energy -- no Al Gore required.
Islamic scholars in Africa and the Middle East are reaching into the religion's tradition of conservation to encourage adherents to help the environment.
Google has the power to inflame international conflicts in its efforts to keep Google Maps neutral.
The most innocent characters on television, including Dora the Explorer, can become fodder for political wrangling when they speak two languages.
Asbestos is vilified in the United States and banned in the European Union, but growing usage in the developing world has stoked fears of more asbestos-related deaths.
Operation Purple uses archery, horseback riding and other camp activities to help children deal with the stresses of having a parent at war.
Oil from the BP disaster is encroaching on the lives of indigenous people in Louisiana, and five Ecuadorian tribes are offering their advice.
Epidemiologists claim that a new, aggressive plan could stop the AIDS epidemic in 5 years. Critics say it could put people in danger.
Celebrity stylist Jawed Habib is creating a hair cutting empire in India.
Now that Liberia's 14 year civil war is over, a fair-trade clothing factory is growing in the country's capital Monrovia.