Many newcomers to the United Nations have to attend language classes that teach them both what to say, and what not to say.
A new, $250,000 ad campaign is trying to raise trust between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It's also fodder for ridicule.
The Cuban government recently announced that it's laying off 500,000 state workers. A Cuba scholar helps people figure out what it means.
The governor of Ohio has banned foreign outsourcing to countries like India in a wave of protectionism in the economic crisis.
The United States has collected a massive amount of biometric data on Iraqis during the Iraq war. Some say that data is dangerous.
Funerals are meant to be solemn affairs, according to the Catholic Church in Australia, and only religious music is allowed.
A new project could bring better sight to remote areas of the world using smartphones.
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France may soon institute a ban on wearing burkas in public. A French real estate developer and his wife are trying to help people ignore it.