Playmancer is designed to help with physical rehabilitation as well as mental health issues, like bulimia and gambling addiction.
William Foege, one of the scientists who led the global campaign that eradicated smallpox, talks about the other six diseases he'd like to kill off.
As four former leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime go on trial, younger generations in the country are told little about past atrocities.
After being detained for 80 days by the Chinese Government, artist Ai Weiwei was released on bail. The government cites economic crimes for his detention, such as evading taxes and destroying documents.
With visa approved and plane ticket in hand, Palestinian cartoonist Majed Badra was uninvited from a trip to the United States.
Many Greeks aren't buying the government's argument for more financial sacrifice. Some are talking about defaulting on loans and pulling out of the EU generally.
During the ongoing economic catastrophe in Greece, anti-immigrant anger is on the rise.
In anticipation of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazilian police are making armed raids into the famous favelas or slums of Rio de Janeiro.
A Dutch artist brings his philosophy that slower is better, to the sport of cycling.
Global hedge funds are buying up huge tracts of land in Africa, hoping to make money off the commodity and food trade, and prominent US universities are taking part.