A man in shorts and a baseball hat stands next to construction workers covered in soot.
A new look into HBO's upcoming miniseries "Chernobyl" gives us a deep look into the nuclear power plant disaster that rocked the then Soviet Union and continues to impact Ukraine to this day. Director Johan Renck spoke with Carol Hills about why he feels this story needs to be told.
A white van travels over a grey stone bridge on a bright, sunny day under blue skies.
Brexit could mean the return to a hard border — and hard memories — between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
man hugging woman pastor in front of tall altar
A Pakistani family has been in the US for 18 years, including regular check-ins with immigration enforcement. Then, in 2018, an ICE officer told them they should buy plane tickets home. Now, they're in sanctuary in a Connecticut church while they fight to stay in the country.
A woman in a hijab speaks into a microphone as dawn breaks in the clouds. An American flag waves in the distance.
Amid growing anti-immigration rhetoric, more immigrants and refugees are running for public office in Minnesota, and nationwide.
Illustration of young woman sitting in car, arms folded in despondent pose, while older man is driving, with prayer beads hanging from rearview mirror and Buddha figurine on dash
Aye Aye Dun says her parents told her to ignore what was happening to Rohingya in Myanmar. So she got organized.
man in front of Harvard University sign looks at phone
Most Asian Americans support affirmative action, but some are wondering: Will it hurt my chances of getting into a top university?
Fields growing soybeans for the global market have replaced dense rainforest along the Brazilian Amazon’s 'arc of deforestation.'
Money for protecting the Brazilian Amazon is drying up, while big landowners along the region's "arc of deforestation" are pushing the government to ease up on regulations. Both spell disaster in the battle to preserve the world's largest tropical forest.
A solider with a rifle watches while men carrying suitcases line up next to a train.
During World War II, the US forcibly relocated and detained thousands of Japanese Latin Americans, but left them without legal entry documents. Today, their fight for redress and recognition continues.
Michael (Pierre Png) and Astrid (Gemma Chan)
Watching ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this week? Here are some other perspectives on the island — that go beyond the uber-rich narrative.
Mother of the groom Eleanor Sung-Young (Michelle Yeoh)
It’s a rare big US studio film with an all Asian cast. But here’s why those with ties to Singapore’s local literary scene have mixed feelings about it.