To environmentalists, the Hotel Algarrobico represents the worst example of Spain's failures to enforce its environmental laws: built right along the coast and in a national park. But to local residents, it's more economic opportunity lost. It could provide hundreds of jobs, but right now it's sitting empty.
Palestinian leaders gave their OK to a plan to exhume the body of Yasser Arafat and determine whether his death was not by natural causes, but was instead poisoned by radiation. That's based on startling possibilities raised in an Al Jazeera investigation.
French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault confirmed that France will legalize marriage and adoption for gay couples by 2013, following through on an election promise made by President Francois Hollande.
Chile's children's book industry isn't known for light-hearted, fun reads. It's about morality-building and lesson-teaching. So a Dane, who lived in Chile for a time, decided to change that. She's organized a library that receives foreign-language books and then translates them into Spanish.
A British painting by John Constable was sold at auction for $35 million. That's one of the highest prices ever for a Brit painting. The funds will go to a Spanish beauty queen who says she's asset-rich, but cash-poor.
Israel has had legal medical marijuana for about 10 years. But a recent development stands to potentially change the market, with an Israeli company saying it has developed a THC-free strain of cannabis. THC is the ingredient in marijuana that produces the "high."
Swiss banks, and other overseas financial institutions are finding that it's become easier just to not take American customers, rather than try to comply with U.S. banking regulations.
Books are tightly regulated in Cuba. Sure, some books are freely available on city streets, but others are much, much harder to find. Often, they exist only in private libraries. And even then, the holders of the books are subject to government harassment.
As Hong Kong chafes under increased pressure from the mainland Chinese government, a city that was once viewed as apolitical and commercially oriented has found its political voice. Over the weekend, there was a huge protest and the Chinese government is worried about it spreading to mainland citizens.
Libya's population was once one-fourth immigrants, most of them illegal. In the wake of its revolution last year, most of them left. And while some are returning, helping to fill important jobs that have gone unfilled, the nation is also cracking down, hard, on illegal immigrants.