As unmanned aerial vehicles become more important to the U.S. military, North Dakota and its schools are trying to lead the way in preparing pilots and mechanics for these new airplanes.
As Greeks deal with the persistent national crisis, the bonds of family are being tested as every struggles to even get by. Generations living under one roof, trying to get by on less and less money.
Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, briefly responded to accusations that he shot down a plane that triggered the Rwandan genocide.
As the United States steps up border enforcement, illegal immigration is becoming a big, dangerous business. And that new reality has some old organizations trying to figure out how they fit.
Many international experts are scratching their heads, trying to determine what Iran would have hoped to gain from an assassination of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States — and why they chose to involve Mexican cartels.
American culture has a way of spreading. in the case of Roller Derby, it found its way to Colombia, in South America, by way of a Hollywood movie, Whip it.
The media over emphasize the problems in Africa, neglect the good stories, and don't give solutions, according to one prominent African blogger.
Despite winning this year's Nobel Prize, incumbent President Ellen Johnson may not win Liberia's upcoming election.
Palestinian militants kidnapped Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, more than five years ago. He's become a political symbol inside of Israel, and he may be released in days.
Join us as we look back at the legacy of Richard Holbrooke, the American super diplomat who couldn't quite achieve all his goals in Afghanistan and Pakistan.