The new coronavirus outbreak centering in China, has led to the spread of a deluge of information, both reliable and unreliable. The WHO calls it an "infodemic." What do we know and don't know about COVID-19? The World’s Elana Gordon hosted a Facebook Live on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 with Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The followers of the Orthodox branch of judaism take modesty to extreme levels. Girls and boys rarely make eye contact, even. So when a girl and a boy ultimately marry, there's often little knowledge about how sexual relationships are supposed to work. A new book seeks to delicately help them figure out that question.
The growing U.S. Hispanic population is largely Catholic, just like much of Latin America, so many of them were particularly excited by the choice of an Argentinian, a latino, as the next pope. But just as in South America, the Latino Catholic Church in the U.S. is not as strong as it once was.
The best way out of poverty for students in urban South Africa is to get an education. One school in the bustling city of Cape Town has developed a system that's generated graduation rates of virtually 100 percent. But it's been tough. And it's getting tougher.
Immigrants looking to start small businesses in the United States run up against a problem -- there's really no visa program that lets them do that. There's a movement, and its gaining some traction in Congress, to introduce a new visa program targeted specially at immigrant entrepreneurs.
Iranian-Americans have been widely successful in the United States. But they've largely been absent from the political scene. Now Cyrus Habib is changing that. He's currently the highest ranking Iranian-American elected official -- newly elected to the Washington Legislature.
Hugo Chavez has been dead a week and the race to replace him is already set. In many ways it'll be a rematch of the October election Chavez won handily. But the question is whether the less fiery Nicolas Maduro can top Henrique Capriles as well.
Phoenix welcomes more refugees than almost any other American city. It's also home to a great many undocumented immigrants. One group of refugee children is finding its way in a new home on the soccer field, coach by an undocumented immigrant.
Vultures, yes vultures, are increasingly important to the economy and health and safety of a poor, rural area of Bulgaria. The vulture of the Eastern Rhodope Nature Reserve not only dispose of local dead animals, preventing disease, but also are a powerful tourist draw.
Skilled tech workers who aren't Americans but want to work in the United States have one real choice: get an H-1B visa through their employers. But they're competitive and come with a pair of proverbial handcuffs that can put immigrants at a disadvantage. And critics say they take jobs from Americans.
Many Palestinians depend on jobs in Israel for their livelihood. But it's not easy for them to get to those jobs. A new bus line has opened up, but some Palestinians say its just another example of the division between Israelis and Palestinians.