Some 400 Palomas, Mexico, residents cross the border into New Mexico every day to go to school. These kids, all American citizens, are choosing to get an education in the U.S., rather than Mexico. But the border crossing comes with a price.
Every Chinese high school senior takes a test that can truly determine their future. Score high enough, and you could be whisked away to Hong Kong and one of the best educations money can buy. Miss, and your options are limited. But some students buck the test and head overseas. Each decision changes students' future path.
As Syria's civil war drags on into its 19th month, and with not an end in sight, Syria's rebels are learning that in order to win, they might need to adjust the face they present the world. So they're turning to some public relations training, in an effort to adjust the picture they're presenting to the world.
As media cover the Paralympic Games in London, many are trying hard to use the most inclusive language possible. But when it comes to foreign languages, what's inclusive doesn't always transcend those boundaries. And that can be a problem for journalists.
In Barack Obama's first election, the eyes of Kenya, where his father was born, were watching closely. But this year, as the novelty has worn off and Kenyans face their own upcoming election, attention has shifted -- especially as people focus on getting young people interested in voting.
The residents of Migron settlement in the West Bank have been battling an eviction notice for six years. Over the weekend, their battle took a dramatic turn when Israeli police showed up and ordered them out.
Spain continues to struggle to rebuild its economy and those who are out of work are growing increasingly frustrated. In recent months, several workers marches have been held, and in some the generally peaceful protests have turned into mob actions, which include stealing from grocery stores and banks -- ostensibly for the poor.
Chinese Muslims, all 23 million of them, say it can be hard practicing their faith in China. Particularly for ethnic Uygurs, there is long-running discrimination that many Uygurs say endangers their cultural existence.
Ukraine is in turmoil as political opposition is silenced. One artist chose to illustrate that turmoil, or waiting, with a unique art exhibition that involves women serving in the role of Sleeping Beauties, waiting for the right man to kiss them. If they open their eyes, they agree to marry the man who kissed them.
President Barack Obama has announced his intention to shift America's foreign policy away from Iraq and Afghanistan and toward China and Asia in general. That could be easier, some experts say, in a second term. But he may be boxed in by budget cuts. And what if Mitt Romney wins? What will he do?