Full story - February 11, 2019
Three crew members are shown in a room with a green floor all leaning in order to stay balanced.
The World's Carolyn Beeler crossed the passage armed with tips on how to prevent seasickness — and about a pound of ginger — and sent back her second dispatch from the trip.
Full story - February 11, 2019
Photo of a bald Uighur man wearing an army-green jacket.
Uighurs in China risk detention if they try to communicate with relatives living abroad, leaving their families to wonder if they are alive or dead.
Full episode - February 11, 2019
A Hungarian police officer, right, watches migrants through a chain link fence and a fence made of razor wire.
What's behind the latest stumbling block in Washington over border security? Democrats are pushing for a cap on the number of immigrants detained by ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Also, the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in Hungary, spearheaded by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. And what it feels like to cross one of the roughest stretches of ocean in the world — the notorious Drake Passage.
Full story - February 10, 2019
A large face made out of a razor wire blocks a man holding a suitcase in this illustration.
Viktor Orbán rose to power on an anti-migrant platform and has severely limited refugee resettlement in the country. But for refugees who have made it and for the NGOs helping migrants, today's Hungary is an uncomfortable place.
Full story - February 08, 2019
Parade participants in Amsterdam, Netherlands, are shown in jester attire and in blackface.
Blackface traditions across the world date back centuries, but America began to influence the international view of blackface in the 1800s. Nearly 200 years later, the racist practice is still being used around the globe.
Full story - February 08, 2019
senior training
The mentorship program is just one component of Finland’s national AI strategy, which focuses heavily on getting Finns without a technical or computer science background comfortable with AI.
Full story - February 08, 2019
A large white truck with red lettering
The first convoy of trucks carrying 50 tons of aid for crisis-stricken Venezuela arrived at the Colombian-Venezuelan border town of Cúcuta on Thursday afternoon. Their arrival comes a day after the Venezuelan military barricaded the bridge set to transport the aid.
Full episode - February 08, 2019
A woman's headshot is taped to a form as a man holds it in front of him.
The global manifestations of blackface and why the practice persists in many countries despite its racist connotations. Also, we follow up on the sexual assault allegations being leveled against Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Costa Rican President Óscar Arias. And, new recordings of lost tunes written by Jews from the ghettos in Ukraine.
Full story - February 07, 2019
Venezuelans walk past a wall painted with the face of then presidential candidate Hugo Chávez. The leftist military leader tapped into a wave of discontent in the country with falling living standards and corrupt public institutions, December 1998.
Venezuela used to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So what happened? The World’s Jason Margolis looks at the economic collapse that led to the election of Hugo Chávez in 1998.
Full story - February 07, 2019
A boy sits with his back to the camera, wearing a baseball cap
As it gets harder to for immigrants to seek asylum in the US, follow the story of a 15-year-old boy trying to reunite with his mother.