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A medical personnel walks past a notice on flu alert at a hospital Hong Kong.

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Preparing to fight next year's flu, Venezuela's new cryptocurrency and learning to be Canadian

February 23, 2018

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The World - Episode 20071102 - Return to Guant-namo

The World's Katy Clark visited the U.S. detention facility at Guant-namo Bay, Cuba, five years ago. Last week, she made a return visit. She speaks with anchor Marco Werman about how the operation has changed over the years and how much has remained the same.

The World - Episode 20071101 - Iraqi Oil Law

The World's Quil Lawrence reports that Iraqi oil production remains mired in a confusing legal tangle. The central government in Baghdad is hoping to pass a new law that would open the way for new oil production involving international companies. But the regional government in Iraq's northern Kurdish region didn't wait for that. It signed its own deals with companies and started production. It says it has the right to do so under Iraq's constitution.

The World - Episode 20071101 - China's image makeover

A new law in effect in China today requires officials there to provide accurate and timely information about public emergencies. Up to now, Chinese officials often kept important public safety information under wraps for fear of losing their jobs. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad about the new law.

Science, Tech & Environment

Wind-up lights in Africa

More than a half a billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa don't have access to electricity. But now, a non-profit organization that has had success with its wind-up radio is using the same technology to turn on the lights. The World's Clark Boyd reports.