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A medical personnel walks past a notice on flu alert at a hospital Hong Kong.

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Preparing to fight next year's flu, Venezuela's new cryptocurrency and learning to be Canadian

February 23, 2018

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The World - Episode 20071113 - Tensions in Venezuela

Protests are erupting throughout Venezuela as a planned vote on constitutional reforms draws near. The reforms would expand President Hugo Chavez's power...and - critics say -- severely weaken one of South America's oldest democracies. Reporter Ruxandra Guidi has more from Venezuela's capital, Caracas.

The World - Episode 20071113 - Geo Answer

For today's Geo Quiz we were looking for the Russian port city that's dealing with an environmental disaster this week. The answer is Kavkaz. Rescue and clean-up operations are underway as a damaged Russian oil tanker leaks a half million gallons of oil into Russia's Black Sea. Anchor Marco Werman gets more on the story from Dario Thuburn.

The World - Episode 20071113 - Bhutto's role

The World's Matthew Bell reports on Bhutto's role as self-appointed leader of the opposition in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis are skeptical of Bhutto because she engaged in power-sharing talks with General Pervez Musharraf prior to the imposition of emergency rule.