Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his report to US Attorney General on Friday after almost two years of investigation. On Sunday, Barr sent a four-page letter to Congress. A key quote: "While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him," Barr quoted Mueller as writing in his report on the issue of possible obstruction of justice.

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A man looks at a washed away bridge, surrounded by muddy water, along Umvumvu river
The US Midwest, as well as in parts of southern Africa, have both recently seen entire communities cut off by flood waters, washed out roads, aid that has to be flown in. We'll have the latest from Mozambique and eastern Zimbabwe. Also, an American doctor says the many challenges facing Haiti as a nation are reflected in the health of his Haitian patients. And he links it to the long history of foreign intervention in Haiti. Plus, Filipinos are among the biggest users of the so-called H-2B visa, which allows American businesses to hire seasonal workers. But this summer, the Trump administration won’t be issuing the visas to Filipinos.
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Rayben Tamayo stands in front of the ice cream counter for his summer employer, Hot Chocolate Sparrow on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The owners put up a Philippine flag to honor their many seasonal summer employees.
Each year, seasonal vacation spots such as Cape Cod and Mackinac Island rely on an influx of foreign workers on temporary, H-2B work visas. Filipinos are among the biggest users of the H-2B visa — but now, the Trump administration has banned them.
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Ana Silvera singing at the Manchester Jewish Museum
The final impact of Brexit is still unclear for people living in the UK, but it is already having an effect on the lives of people like Ana Silvera: British citizens who work or live in EU countries.
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Flowers, cards and stuffed animals decorate a face as a tribute to victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings
New Zealand may announce new gun laws within days. That's because there isn't an equivalent to the Second Amendment, explains one law professor, so the prime minister can move faster than US politicians.
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Columns, foundations, and churches spread out around the city of Rome on a sunny day.
Barry Strauss is an expert in all things Roman. He joins The World's Marco Werman for a talk about Roman history and how its legendary figures compare to our modern politicians.
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Illustrated cards with text underneath
From El Global Warming and La Student Debt to El Safe Space and La Border Wall, each playing card is redesigned with Millennial Lotería’s followers in mind. And while it tackles the political zeitgeist of the Latinx millennial generation, it also has fans howling with laughter over cards like El Food Porn and El Man Bun.
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Seattle Mariners' outfielder Ichiro Suzuki gives autographs to fans before an exhbition game in Tokyo against the Yomiuri Giants, March 17, 2019.
The Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners are kicking off the major league baseball season in Japan. This time, the games have an added significance: Ichiro, perhaps the nation's greatest player ever, may be making his final appearance.
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It’s little known, but the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has ties to Ireland dating back to the Irish Potato Famine.
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Bolsonaro smiles and puts his hand out
The firebrand’s clean politics pledge has been disproved out of the gate.