Full story - January 15, 2019
Monessen, Pennsylvania, was once a prosperous steel town. The small city, 27 miles south of Pittsburgh, has fallen on hard times since its steel mills shut down in the 1970’s and ‘80’s.
When presidential candidate Trump visited Rust Belt cities like Monessen, Pennsylvania, he made some bold promises to bring back jobs from overseas. Many voters, including lifelong Democrats, loved his message. How are they feeling now?
Full story - January 15, 2019
People form a line like a snake on the bed of a dry riverbed
A new photo book tells legends from the Mbomo people from the Republic of the Congo.
Full episode - January 15, 2019
A boy whose body is painted white wears a crown of wooden sticks that looks like a sunburst behind his head poses for a photo
Explosions and gunfire shock a hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya. Plus, how confirmation hearings for the US attorney general could impact the ongoing investigation into connections between the Trump administration and President Vladimir Putin of Russia. And, the crucial vote in the UK Parliament on Brexit.
Full story - January 14, 2019
A couple is backlit against a stark stone fort interior.
This year marks 400 years since the first Africans were taken from Africa and sold as slaves in the English colonies. It was the largest migration in history: 12 million or more Africans forcibly moved to places across the Atlantic Ocean to be slaves. Today, all of those places are still dealing with the fallout.
Full story - January 14, 2019
Five people are painted with a light green paint and post together. Another man is on his knees with bananas.
"Congo Tales" is a new book featuring the stories of the Mbomo people in Congo, which includes portrait photography of the people acting out their myths.
Full story - January 14, 2019
Woman at a demonstration
The Green New Deal is often linked to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman congresswoman who is the idea’s most visible champion. But in its current form, it’s the brainchild of a bunch of 20-somethings sick of older generations’ inaction on climate change.
Full story - January 14, 2019
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands behind two podiums reading Helsinki 2018
In 1978, Congress created the Presidential Records Act, which makes the records of a president public, not private. Here's what that means amid some of the latest revelations that US President Donald Trump has withheld records of his conversations with Vladimir Putin.
Full episode - January 14, 2019
Snow from Winter Storm Gia falls over the White House
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's talks with Saudi leaders. Also, the "Green New Deal." A proposal to fight climate change and, in the process, create new jobs. Plus, Canadian air traffic controllers send sympathy pizza to US colleagues struggling through the government shutdown.
Full story - January 11, 2019
hundreds of people stand in line at a gas station on a sunny day
What began as an inconvenience — longer lines at the gas station — is dragging into its second week after Mexico's president shut down fuel pipelines to prevent theft.