Full episode - November 13, 2020
A small group of soldiers are shown walking and carrying weapons with a large cement structure in the distance.
The escalating conflict in Ethiopia northern Tigray region is raising concerns the country may be nearing civil war. And, China’s vision for the next century is with itself as the top power in Asia. India is not on board with that — and it’s looking for ways to counter China’s ambitions with its own vision of a more multipolar Asia and world. Also, we remember former Ghana's former President Jerry John Rawlings, who died this week.
Full story - November 13, 2020
A woman sells balloons near a giant TV screen broadcasting news of US President-elect Joe Biden delivering his speech, at a shopping mall in Beijing, Nov. 8, 2020.
China has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden, becoming one of the last major countries to do so. The UN warned Friday that fighting between the Ethiopian government and rebel leaders in the northern province of Tigray could spiral out of control. And, Jerry John Rawlings, who ruled Ghana for 20 years after taking control in two coups, died Thursday at an Accra hospital.
Full episode - November 12, 2020
Leaves lie on the ground in focus with the White House in the distance in soft focus.
For many decades, the US has presented itself to the rest of the world as the gold standard when it comes to free and fair voting. So how does that square with President Donald Trump now refusing to concede after losing? And, China has four COVID-19 vaccines in phase 3 trials. But with so few coronavirus cases in the country, it’s forced to hold trials in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Brazil. Also, “Transplant,” a new Canadian TV series, offers a fresh take on medical dramas.
Full story - November 12, 2020
Dr. Céline Gounder has been named to President-elect Joe Biden's COVID-19 task force.
President-elect Joe Biden is taking a radically different approach to COVID-19 than President Donald Trump. The World speaks to Dr. Céline Gounder, an HIV and infectious disease specialist named to Biden's COVID-19 task force.
Full story - November 12, 2020
The Mary Wollstonecraft statue by artist Maggi Hambling is pictured in Newington Green, London, Britain, Nov. 11, 2020.
Critics argue that a nude statue honoring a feminist is sexist — and that important men in history are not typically depicted this way.
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A person wearing white protective gear and gloves sits in the doorway of an ambulance.
A little over a month ago, Italy was held up as a role model for their coronavirus response in Europe. But this week, Italy surpassed 1 million confirmed coronavirus infections, becoming one of the top 10 worst-affected countries globally.
Full story - November 12, 2020
An abandoned mask, strewn on the wet stone ground next to a puddle with the reflection of the US capitol building.
The number of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations continues to soar in the US, Europe and elsewhere, with death tolls expected to rise quickly as well. And, the leaders of Japan, South Korea and Australia had their first calls with US President-elect Joe Biden, reaffirming close relations. Also, the second typhoon in a week in a half has struck the Philippines.
Full episode - November 11, 2020
Refugees and migrants are shown in shadow standing in a lin carrying various belongings with the sun flaring in the distance.
In an unprecedented move by the Greek government, an Afghan father was arrested and faces charges of child endangerment after a dinghy carrying 25 migrants capsized in the Aegean Sea, resulting in the drowning of his son. And, international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said the US election ran smoothly and criticized US President Donald Trump for promoting baseless allegations of fraud. Also, Singles Day, a consumer shopping and sales event created by China's e-commerce giant Alibaba 11 years ago, is now celebrated as a national holiday.
Full story - November 11, 2020
Three Asian men with short, dark hair wear face masks, the man in the middle wears glasses.
Wu Chi-wai, chairman of Hong Kong's Democratic Party, resigned Wednesday after the Hong Kong government disqualified four fellow party members. He believes Beijing's latest crackdown marks the end of the "one country, two systems" model for Hong Kong.
Full story - November 11, 2020
Former US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, US Secretary of State John Kerry, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, National Security Council point person on the Middle East Robert Malley and European Union Political Director Helga Schmi
Officials in Tehran say that for the US to jump back into the historic agreement with world powers, new sanctions would have to be undone and a price paid for recent economic damage.