Romania's public healthcare system is under fire for being woefully inadequate. According to many, the poor will wait years for even basic services, doctors are leaving the profession or going overseas to practice medicine.
Lines were dozens and sometimes hundreds deep as Egyptians turned out for what they hoped are the country's free and fair elections, and were certainly the first elections since the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak.
Though he's still living, Nelson Mandela, the revered former leader of South Africa, makes fewer and fewer public appearances. Now 93, many South Africans are preparing for the day Nelson Mandela will no longer be alive.
With the Congressional Super Committee having failed, the Pentagon is facing $500 billion in cuts over 10 years. That has business owners near Crystal City and other military bases concerned about the fallout. But some are taking a positive outlook.
Hugh Grant, Sally Dower and other victims of the British media's phone hacking testified before a British committee examining media excesses and bad behavior. It seems likely that new regulations will come from these actions.
Most agree that tens and even hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, but how long they'll be lost for and how they might be recreated are an area for great disagreement.
In the last absolute monarchy in Africa, Swaziland, the people have grown discontented with the poverty and lack of freedoms they must endure. Thus far, though, the spirit of Arab Spring has remained far away from the country, near South Africa.
In Pakistan, supposedly in an effort to combat the sending of spam text messages, the country has introduced a list of 1,500 words that will trigger a text message to be blocked.
The Shaam News Network, run mostly by Syrians living in America, is providing tools and funding to help Syrians get photos, videos and news of the protest out of heavily controlled Syria and into the wider world.
With debt and government crisises in Italy and Greece making international news, people in Spain, as well as lenders, are worried that country will be the next to become financially instable.