While Egypt's government is locked in a power struggle, the people just want government to work for them. New President Mohammed Morsi has invited them to bring their concerns to the government -- and they have.
A Korean man who went to grad school at Stanford has started and sold several companies in the United States and Japan. But in his search for the next big opportunity, he's transplanted himself to China, where he's expecting a boom in innovation.
Mongolia is a traditional country that's rapidly modernizing. But there's one element of its history that's not going away, and that's its traditional games. The Naadam have been held for generations and are stronger than ever.
Spain's coal miners fear that government budget cuts will eliminate the subsidies that have kept their mines open. They're taking to the streets and demanding the subsidies be restored.
Palm oil is an important ingredient in many processed foods. But it can also be a source of environmental damage in southeast Asia, where much of it is produced. So one student tried, and struggled, to get it entirely out of his life for a year.
A law student in Bangalore died recently, and the newspapers have been filled with allegations of murder and honor killings. But upon closer inspection, there's no reason to believe it's not another suicide -- a scourge of Indian society.
When Israel 50 years ago occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and other parts of land that Palestinians hope will be their own state, they quickly implemented a series of laws to govern the land. Those laws were expected to be temporary, but decades later they persist, and they've amounted to a bizarre, and sometimes contradictory, system.
Digital technologies in China have changed more than the way people communicate. They've also helped shape a new digital language that has jumped from text messages and chat rooms into everyday life.
As Canada grapples with its budget and tries to make cuts, scientists are protesting the decision, they say, to halt funding for the Experimental Lakes Area and end the important research conducted there.
Sirte was the location of some of the fiercest fighting of Libya's revolution, the final holdout and the place where Muammar Gaddafi himself holed up in his last weeks and days. Now, as Libya awaits results of its first, free elections, not everyone in Sirte is equally excited.