El Salvador has the world's second highest murder rate. More than 4,300 occurred there last year alone. Though the U.S. has poured millions of dollars into anti-gang efforts in the country, nothing seemed to change until a few months ago when the Catholic Church stepped in.
At a zoo in The Netherlands, a two-month old baby sloth was saved from dehydration by the quick action of zookeepers. But their efforts would have been much harder if not for a 2-year-old girl who gave the sloth her teddy bear.
With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in full swing, Egypt is particularly quiet during the day time. That's given Egypt's Christians time to have the country's beaches to themselves.
In the Atacama Desert, there's a massive complex of highly sophisticated telescopes. But that's not enough. A group of European countries are planning to build a new, massive telescope nearby.
Majlinda Kelmendi will be competing in the Olympics in London this year. She's the first Kosovar to participate since the country declared independence back in 2008. But because Kosovo isn't recognized by the United Nations, she must compete for Albania.
A small group of Algerians who fought on the French side of Algeria's war of independence suffered widespread discrimination after the French military abandoned the country. Those who escaped to France didn't fair much better. Fifty years later, they're still waiting for an apology.
A Northwestern University scientist wanted to see how the brains of people changed when they grew up listening equally to two distinctly different cultures of music, like rock and tango. So he commissioned a study, and found that, indeed, 'bimusical' experience leaves a lasting impact.
For years, Filipinos have been largely absent from American politics, despite being the second-largest group of Asian- Americans. But, for at least two people in California, that's starting to change.
A recent German court ruling that calls circumcision a "bodily harm" has sparked weeks of outrage among Germany's Jewish and Muslim communities. A group of rabbis went so far as to declare the court's decision "the worst attack on Jewish life in Germany since the Holocaust."
Sigifredo Lopez was held hostage by FARC guerrilla for seven years. But law enforcement officials say Lopez was actually a collaborator with them, and have charged him in connection with the death of his fellow lawmakers.