In Argentina, try to find a Big Mac on a McDonald's menu and you'll have to look hard. Order one, though, and it'll be among the cheapest items on the menu. That's because, economists say, the government is probably fixing the price in a bid to make inflation seem lower.
A group of American football stars and investors are joining with Indian businessman to put together and NFL-style professional football league in India.
Alexander Yellin
Alexander Yellin became famous a decade ago for the song he wrote that became the anthem of Vladimir Putin, praising him as the perfect Russian man. But now, as Putin runs for re-election and his popularity wanes, Yellin has written the anthem of the anti-Putin crowds.
Surely you've experienced a song that gets stuck in your head, sometimes for no apparent reason, and won't go away. Well, turns out there almost always IS a reason, and scientists are actually doing research to try and understand the phenomena.
Pakistan's lawyers work in an area that looks more like a Middle Eastern market than a court and judicial system. But that's just the beginning of their problems, which also include a judicial system that can be extremely slow at it's best, and downright corrupt at its worst.
China, citing historical discoveries, says that the entire South China Sea should be its own exclusive economic zone. The Philippines, however, shares a long border with the sea and sees some of it as its own. So does Vietnam, and other regional countries. That's got some a little nervous.
There's a burgeoning Spanish population in Germany and they're not going for the change in climate. As Spain's unemployment rate hovers around 23 percent, Germany's 4 percent rate is luring many of Spain's most educated to jobs outside their native land.
As Australia battles wildfires that feed on a non-native hardy grass in the Northern Territory, one scientist says the answer is to import elephants and rhinoceroses to eat the gamba grass.
In the wake of Egypt's revolution, domestic workers who once enjoyed absolutely no legal protections are now protected by laws against human trafficking, and some are benefitting. But it will be some time more until they enjoy the sorts of wage and other protections activists say they deserve.
Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi barely communicate with each other. The former is seeking the arrest of the latter, accusing him of running a death squad. Now, the Iraqi Kurdish population is in a position to determine the course the country's government takes.