Maladh Mohammed Ali's family moved to the United States about six months ago. Part of her family at least. One of her sons died in Iraq, where the family is from, which made the whole move possible. But the family is finding adjusting to the United States to be difficult.
As London's police department prepares to move to a new home, some in the community are calling for some artifacts from the building to be made public. They're artifacts from some of the city's most grisly crimes, including the Jack the Ripper murders.
Chile's military coup happened 40 years ago on Wednesday -- Sept. 11, 1973. The brutal repression imprisoned thousands, including some in the national soccer stadium. That soccer stadium would play a pivotal role in the coup, from the early days of the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
Syria has seemed to offer up the possibility of turning over its chemical weapons to international authorities and eventually destroying them, but not only does it remain to be seen if they will, the mechanics of doing so are far from certain in a war-torn country.
Giving your money away is a big commitment, and typically you want your money to make as big an impact as possible. So what should you think about when choosing who deserves to receive your hard-earned cash?
As the Syrian rebels continue their battle with Syrian government forces, the Syrian people are caught in the middle. One family from Raqqa fled not because of Bashar al-Assad's army, but because of the harassment from al-Qaeda-linked militants.
Syria's use of chemical weapons contravenes many international laws, meaning its leaders could be subject to international criminal prosecution. But for that to work, one author says, it must be done in coordination with other measures, including diplomacy and military strikes.
As immigration reform continues to percolate, some states and communities are taking measures of their own. In California, the state senate approved a bill that, if it becomes law, would prohibit local agencies from working with a specific federal immigration program.
The Obama administration continues to argue that the international community must take action over Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons. In the meantime, though, Russia continues to do all it can to stave off an attack, including introducing a plan for Syrian chemical weapons to be placed under "international control."
Peru's marriage rate is comparatively low, something that's caught the attention of local officials. In order to turn it around, which officials have linked with improving local infrastructure and the local economy, officials are throwing mass wedding ceremonies and inviting long-time couples to attend.