In the 1960s, Poland was short on funds to digitize and maintain its paper archives. They approached the Mormon Church and got its help in doing just that. But somewhere in the intervening years, the Momon Church used those archives and other to posthumously baptize Holocaust victims. That's caused a rift between the Mormons and the Jewish community.
There are always tensions between Israel's Jewish and Palestinian communities. But last week, that tension took a serious turn when a group of Israeli Jewish teens attacked a group of Palestinian teens and sent one to the hospital with serious injuries.
Doreen Kutzke started yodeling when she was six years old in her home country of East Germany. But she grew embarrassed of her talent and soon quit. After the Berlin Wall fell, Kutzke moved to Berlin, where she worked as a DJ. Eventually, she rediscovered her passion for yodeling.
Scientists studying the Arctic are predicting the ice cap will shrink to record levels this year, a condition many blame on human-caused climate change. That'd led some to conclude that before this decade is out, we could have a summer day or days where there's no Arctic ice cap at all.
Ecuador's decision to grant asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has prompted rebukes and support from nations across the world. Particularly in Latin America, support has been strong for protecting the country's sovereignty.
As the Republican Party prepares to nominate its first Mormon candidate for president next week, there's growing interest in Mormon practice -- especially young Mormons serving missions around the world. Though numbers are down from the 1990s, many young Church members are still going abroad.
In 1975, the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia and began a four-year experiment in social reordering. To destroy traditional authority, the regime split families apart. Two million Cambodians perished, but some missing loved ones were never found. Now, a Cambodian reality show is reconnecting family members.
Ramadan just ended and with it the period of daylight fasting observed by most Muslims around the world. In India especially, the fast is often broken with a dish called haleem, a sort of meat porridge that manages to bridge the religious divide and appeal to all manners of Indians.
Thousands of Haitians left their country in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. While many fled to the United States, others made the arduous journey south to Brazil. But after letting in more than 4,000 Haitian migrants, Brazil has toughened its immigration policy. Meanwhile, hundreds more wait at its border for the chance to get in.
Israel is becoming increasingly agitated about the possibility that Iran could develop nuclear weapons. Gas masks have been handed out, warning systems have been tested, leading many to think the government is marching toward war. That has some Israelis accusing their government of over reacting.