A trio of Slovenians are taking an interest in cyber-security and turning it into art. They're asking people to submit their online passwords to a database they make publicly available. Eventually, they hope to turn it into a real-world exhibit.
Egypt this week moved to block access to the country from the Gaza Strip in the wake of an assault on an Egyptian border station over the weekend. The attackers attempted to flee into Israel but were halted by the Israeli Air Force.
Egyptian fans already had a taste of Olympic glory last week, when Alaaeldin Abouelkassem captured a silver medal in men's fencing. But the most anticipated event for Egyptians might have been weightlifting, and the team of eight lifters who competed in these Olympic Games included three women.
Behind the impressive sky crane-type system that landed the American Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars late Sunday night was an Argentinian man, Miguel San Martin. San Martin first became interested in space listening to NASA's Viking mission to Mars, so his participation this time was quite appropriate.
98-year-old James Benet left the United States in his 20s to fight on the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War. The Republicans were backed not only by foreigners, like Benet, but also by Mexico and the Soviet Union. After his side lost, Benet came back to a United States where he was immediately viewed as a communist.
The University of Haifa professes to have the world's only program for training hospital clowns. Its director says keeping kids happy while in the hospital is an integral piece of their recovery. And who could do a better job at that than silly, red-nosed clowns?
Syria's crops are spoling in the country's fields. The nation's livestock are being starved, sold or killed. According to a new report from the United Nations, Syrians are in danger of starving if urgent aid isn't provided.
The European economy continues to struggle, but European bankers say they're as confident as ever in the euro's stability. But with Germany watching on, they decline to take any action.
Tom Pang's blend of bluegrass and traditional Mongolian music has gained him much attention in the Shanghai music scene. Though Pang wasn't the first to come up with the idea, his affinity for bluegrass and his Mongolian heritage make him a natural fit for the hybrid genre.
Israelis were buoyed to receive a letter seeming to be from Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi, expressing his wish for security in the Middle East and a resumption of the Middle East process. Egyptian officials, though, say the letter isn't real. But Israelis have their doubts about that claim.