The new coronavirus outbreak centering in China, has led to the spread of a deluge of information, both reliable and unreliable. The WHO calls it an "infodemic." What do we know and don't know about COVID-19? The World’s Elana Gordon hosted a Facebook Live on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 with Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Especially in Georgia, Josef Stalin's home country, the ruthless former Soviet dictator enjoys a remarkably high level of support. According to new research from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Stalin is widely admired, some 60 years after his death.
China's about to complete its once-a-decade leadership transition, with Xi Jinping taking over for Wen Jiabao. As Wen prepares to leave office, he was surprisingly frank about his administration's failings -- and offered concrete advice to his successor.
Highway construction is rarely popular with the people whose neighborhood the highway must go through. In a small, largely Palestinian town outside of Jerusalem, residents are organizing to try and stop a highway that will have little benefit to them from ripping up their neighborhood.
It's been nearly two years since the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan's northeast coast. Among the casualties were a lot of family photos, so a group of Japanese photographers have banded together to help recreate those precious family moments.
Last week's Jerusalem Marathon was replete with controversy, with Palestinian officials telling those signed up they should withdraw. But one man, an Egyptian-American, wanted to spread his own message, God is love, as he ran.
Greece is the poster child of European economic crisis. But across the Aegean Sea is Turkey, with a booming economy. The two neighbors, though, are long-time enemies. This new economic disparity, however, is alleviating old pains and bringing the two countries' people closer together.
Stephane Hessel inspired the Occupy Wall Street movement with his writing, and powered protest movements around the globe. But as those movements seemingly sputter out, Hessel had one more book of advice, specifically for protesters in Spain. It's set to be released now, shortly after his death.
Uruguay's new left-wing government has introduced a host of new laws, regarding marijuana, abortion and same-sex marriage. They're hot topics of discussion and, surprisingly, often the reactions people have defy political labels.
Italy is facing political gridlock, while Europe contemplates the political and economic consequences of Italian voters ousting the country's internationally popular technocrat prime minister in favor of candidates who vow an end to austerity and more benefits for all Italians.
The career of Jimi Hendrix was like a firecracker, bright, but short-lived. Some of his music hasn't been heard since he played it, particularly from some of his live performances. But a new recording is bringing new life to a February 1969 performance of his in the U.K.