The conflict between South Korea and Japan has been going on for decades, but the past few months are somewhat uncharted territory for the two countries, which have nevertheless enjoyed robust trade. Today, six in 10 South Koreans are currently participating in the “No Japan” boycott.

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A close-up of a woman speaking
Mexican federal authorities have announced their government is contemplating extraditing the El Paso shooter suspect on terrorism charges. Ambassador Martha Bárcena speaks to The World's Marco Werman.
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Bernie Sanders sits in a bus next to a woman, a diabetes patient
Patient caravans making trips across US border spark fear of shortages, while health advocates warn against mass drug importations from Canada.
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The Afghan ambassador to the US, Roya Rahmani, sitting in front of an Afghan flag.
The US and the Taliban appear close to a pact to withdraw US troops, even as the UN reported that July was the deadliest month in Afghanistan in two years.
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A young girl is shown in a checkered dress with long dark hair and sunglasses, standing in front of a memorial.
As more details of the victims of Saturday's mass shooting in El Paso come out, host Marco Werman speaks with Fernando Garcia, founder and executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights about how families, including his, are reeling from the incident, but also asking bigger questions about the roots of such a tragedy and its connections to white supremacy. We meet a family that fled threats from violent cartels in Mexico and began the process of applying for US asylum. After a two-month wait in Mexico, they're now on their way to Washington state. And, in Turkey, many Syrian refugees are now afraid to leave their homes. The Turkish government has started deporting Syrians back to Syria and it's become increasingly difficult for Syrians to obtain legal status. Plus, Thailand says it's keen to churn out "world-class cannabis" for medical use.
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A big black ribbon adorns the gate of the Rafael Veloz elementary school in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
On the eve of a nationwide vigil, advocate say they are determined to show resilience and community pride.
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A man is shown walking in front of a metro stop in Istanbul at dusk with the long shadow of several other people on the wall.
Turkish officials claim that the government has not forcibly deported Syrians in a widespread campaign to crack down on illegal migration in recent weeks.
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A man in white lab coat holds a glass container while others watch
Thailand once issued severe penalties for marijuana users. But the perception of cannabis is rapidly changing, with talk of churning out “world-class cannabis” from Thailand's lush farmlands. A few months ago, scientists started the first-ever cannabis laboratory — one of the few legal facilities of its kind in Asia.
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Two men bow their heads as they stand in front of an impromptu memorial for El Paso shooting victims
A racist, anti-immigrant manifesto was posted online just before the El Paso shooting that killed 22. One expert says, if left unchecked, racist, nationalistic thinking can lead to violence — even civil war.
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Two people are shown walking away from the camera with a Mexican flag and a US flag draped over their shoulders like capes.
Police say the suspect in the El Paso shooting appears to be the author of a racist screed that claimed, "This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas." What happens when a country’s core national identity no longer matches its demographic reality? Plus, asylum-seeking migrants are waiting to have their cases heard for uncertain periods of time. This week, we learn what's it like for them at different stages of their wait. And, a story that reminds us how closely connected all of us are: Jean Kapenda is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and he's been using genetic testing to find distant cousins all over the globe. Kapenda met his cousin for the first time in The World's Boston studio.
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A man and woman hug as a child and another woman look on
Two distant cousins took DNA tests. When they connected, one of them — a descendant of enslaved Africans brought to the US — was able to tell the other about her heritage.