Full episode - October 15, 2020
A man is shown wearing a face mask and winter hat as a train passed by in blurred motion.
Health authorities in Europe and around the world are facing new surges of the coronavirus. As fall temperatures drop and more of us stay inside longer, where do we stand on testing, diagnostics and a vaccine amid a growing sense of pandemic fatigue? As part of our regular series of conversations, The World's Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with Harvard University epidemiologist William Hanage.
Full story - October 15, 2020
A group of protesters are shown in a street in Paris holding placards.
France has become the latest European nation to announce stricter measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Also, Kyrgyzstan President Sooronbay Jeenbekov has tendered his resignation in the face of calls by political opponents for him to step down after a disputed election. And, a long-awaited prisoner swap between the warring parties in Yemen has begun.
Full story - October 14, 2020
Shifting to face masks has been a survival move for many textile businesses in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
For many textile workers in Oaxaca who have long depended on tourism to support their handicrafts, pivoting to face masks has helped keep their businesses going.  
Full episode - October 14, 2020
Two soldiers are shown standing near a road and holding weapons with an armored vehicle parked behind them.
Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes after the Taliban began an intense battle to take over the city of Lashkargah in southern Afghanistan. The fighting comes at a time when the Trump administration is negotiating a peace agreement with the militant group to withdraw US troops. And, China, Russia and Cuba all won seats on the UN Human Rights Council, provoking alarm with rights advocates given their highly dubious records. Also, music teachers in Canada are being forced to improvise amid the pandemic. Choir classes either must meet outdoors to rehearse or they simply hum and chant their way through class.
Full story - October 14, 2020
Afghan families leave their houses after fighting between the Afghan military and Taliban insurgents in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, Oct. 13, 2020.
As many as 35,000 people may have been displaced and 200 people killed or injured in the Taliban's latest offensive in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.
Full story - October 14, 2020
In this Oct. 8, 2019, file photo, supporters of LGBTQ rights hold placards in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.
Policy decisions made by the next US president will affect millions of queer people around the world.
Full story - October 14, 2020
With sports contests being frequently canceled due to the pandemic, many spectators have cherished the chance to watch lucha libre from their cars.
A company that organizes the colorful, larger-than-life bouts has set up fights to be enjoyed from the socially distant comfort of spectators' own cars.
Full story - October 14, 2020
Riot police arrest protesters during a rally to show support for Uighurs and their fight for human rights. Thousands of demonstrators attended a rally to protest against China's policy on the Uighur minority, Hong Kong, Dec. 2019.
Notable violators were among the countries elected to the UN Human Rights Council, as Saudi Arabia failed in its bid to earn a three-year term starting Jan. 1. Independent monitors have paused new enrollment in an Eli Lilly study testing an experimental, antibody cocktail. Also, Lebanon and Israel have begun indirect talks mediated by the US over their disputed maritime border.
Full story - October 13, 2020
Former CIA Director John Brennan listens during a panel at The Center on National Security at Fordham Law School in New York, Sept. 4, 2018.  
Ex-CIA Director John Brennan says the next 100 days leading up to the inauguration may be especially dangerous. Brennan spoke to The World's host, Marco Werman, about the state of affairs. 
Full episode - October 13, 2020
A womanis shown holding a bag and wearing a face mask with a streak of the bright colors of a car blurred as it passes by.
America’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says the globe isn’t doing as well as he’d hoped in fighting the pandemic, and he worries about the politicization of public health. And, in Qingdao, a small outbreak of the coronavirus has prompted a plan to test all 9 million residents of the Chinese port city. Also, US intelligence officials have historically been nonpartisan, at least in public. But former CIA Director John Brennan has torn up that playbook.