A redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 448-page report on his inquiry into Russia's role in the 2016 US election was released on Thursday. The report details a series of actions by President Donald Trump to impede the probe, raising questions about whether he committed the crime of obstruction of justice.

Full story - April 17, 2019
A photo of the document written by Attorney General Barr about the submission of the Special Counsel's report.
With Robert Mueller's report expected on Thursday, many are wondering what will or will not be redacted. Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archives, explains what the redaction process is like and what censors might choose to hide from the public.
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A group of people are shown carrying above their head an empty green coffin.
President Donald Trump has vetoed a bill that would have ended US involvement in Yemen's civil war. Also, a former president of Peru commits suicide rather than face arrest in a corruption scandal. Plus, exploring a new path to the top of Mount Everest.
Full story - April 16, 2019
A painted portrait of Christopher Columbus' son, Hernando Colón,
Hernando Colón was the illegitimate son of famed explorer Christopher Columbus. His love of books inspired him to attempt an ambitious dream: store all of the world's books in one place. He summarized much of the information in his "Libro de los Epítomes," which has recently been rediscovered.
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Three people smile in identical photos, part of a family tradition to recreate a WWII-era photo in front of Notre-Dame cathedral
The world is mourning the destruction to Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. Some of The World's readers and listeners shared their memories of the medieval church.
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A wide photograph showing the city of Paris with the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the middle of the frame.
The feelings of loss from the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris are resonant around the world, and millions of donations are pouring for reconstruction. We learn about several examples of the rebuilding of other world landmarks that have been destroyed. Also, Russians may soon be cut off from outside internet connections.
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A green military truck drives on a road.
After asking the US State Department for a list of corrupt government officials in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, some lawmakers are unimpressed with what they were given.
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A closeup photo of Rep. Ilhan Omar.
The cover could incite further hate crimes against the congresswoman and Muslim Americans at a time when Islamophobia is already on the rise, says community organizer Debbie Almontaser.
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Downtown Atlanta
More than 100 cities have pledged to run on 100% renewable energy and signed onto the Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” campaign. But turning commitment into action is where the real work begins, and Atlanta might be the ultimate test case.
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Sparks are seen through one of Notre-Dame's iconic stained glass windows.
Parisians watch in horror as the Notre-Dame Cathedral goes up in flames. Plus, President Donald Trump's new immigration plan offers migrant parents a choice: lose your children at the border or get locked up together. And, what the NBA is doing to attract more Latino talent and expand the league's Latino fan base.
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Coffee beans swirl in a large roaster
The country this week decided it would no longer require companies to stockpile coffee. For those working in the coffee business, it’s a slight.