Americans got used to seeing the "I am a Mormon" ads during the last presidential campaign. But now, Brits are being introduced them as well, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints responds to the British debut of the hit play, The Book of Mormon.
American hospitals don't have deep experience with injuries from explosions in urban areas. When the hospitals were faced with treating hundreds wounded by the Boston Marathon attacks, they could have been overwhelmed. But they weren't, in part because of lessons learned by Israel.
Japan's society has been roiled by the tsunami and disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant. At one credit union, the CEO has decided that it will do its part to help eliminate nuclear power in the country. And he's rewarding his customers who do the same.
When it comes to accents, they paint a picture in people's mind. And they can make or break the character. That's born out in real life and on the silver screen. Renée Zellweger was widely praised for her English accent in Bridget Jones’s Diary -- and Radovan Karadžić managed to evade authorities for years, in part through a fake accent.
Australia's Outback communities rely on the water in the Great Artesian Basin, deep underground, for their water supply. But some now worry the aquifer is being drawn down too quickly. If it ever went dry, it would leave a whole host of Outback communities without a nearby water supply.
Myanmar's ethnic Karen minority are trying to find their footing. Despite democratization in Myanmar, there remains violence in their homelands. Many have settled in the United States, where they're able to rebuild and improve their lives.
Dubai has become renowned for its thoroughbred breeding prowess. But that prowess was challenged recently when an investigation discovered steroid use among 11 horses that are owned by Dubai ruler and United Arab Emirates prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Over the weekend, runners gathered in Bethlehem to run the city's first-ever marathon. While the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian situation and the Boston Marathon attacks influenced the events, the races went off without any problems.
Last year, Spain foiled what it said was a terrorist plot to fly gliders into the British enclave of Gibraltar. Two Chechens and a Turk were convicted, but later freed when a judge decided there wasn't enough evidence. Various intelligence agencies reportedly were interested in the incidents, because of the ties to Chechnya.
After this week's attacks around Boston, the common, household pressure cooker has become associated with death, destruction and the Boston Marathon. But this fairly simple pot is a crucial cooking tool around the world. And it's going to need an image makeover.