Facing political and economic pressure from the US, Mexico has seen a shift in public attitude toward migrants: Rising resentment is replacing tolerance in a country that is both deeply religious and has a long history of sending its own citizens to the US.

The cooking stoves used throughout Asia, Africa and South America are significant contributors to health problems and climate change, but replacing them is proving difficult.
Advocates are pushing for major Muslim holidays to be recognized in New York City public schools. Mayor Bloomberg and others say no.
The band Hamac Caziim mixes punk music with traditional stories and language to celebrate the Seri culture.
Chinese labs don't have a great reputation in the research community, but new discoveries on stem cells are changing that.
The free health care services that flooded into Haiti after the earthquake may be saving lives, but they also may be destroying the country's health-care system.
Young people in Sicily are fighting back against the mafia, refusing to pay bribes and encouraging others to do the same.
Much of the news from Kenya's slums is about crime, disease and violence. Slum TV shows people a different side.
Kenya, China and parts of South Asia are leading a charge toward renewable energy -- no Al Gore required.
Islamic scholars in Africa and the Middle East are reaching into the religion's tradition of conservation to encourage adherents to help the environment.
Google has the power to inflame international conflicts in its efforts to keep Google Maps neutral.