As Russians prepare to head to the polls on Sunday, voters in the nation's cities are increasingly unhappy with what seems to be almost a foregone conclusion. Vladimir Putin will be re-elected president. But out in the rural areas, support remains wide-spread, if more reserved than it once was.
As Myanmar moves ahead with a set of reforms that have included the release of political prisoners, the country's government is also opening up its media. In some cases they've ended pre-publication censorship entirely and in others they've greatly reduced the restrictions.
The Soviets were well-known for the dark humor they used to get through the days. Now, as Russians protest Vladimir Putin's re-election campaign, many are turning back to that same dark humor.
Neil Harbisson is a color-blind artist. But, rather than limiting his art to shades of gray, he's turned to technology to help him develop the ability to hear the colors that he cannot see.
Russians head to the polls soon to choose a new president — who will likely be an old president. Vladimir Putin is expected to win re-election relatively easy, but there's growing discontent with him and political corruption in Russia, which has sent thousands into the street in protest.
A new independent report from Japan details just how close that country came to a "devil's chain reaction" of nuclear plant after nuclear plant melting down and sending a plume of radiation over the city of Tokyo and its 30 million inhabitants.
About a year ago, the only Christian in the Pakistani government was assassinated — a symbol of the discrimination he fought hard to change. As Christians mark the one-year anniversary of that event, they're trying to move forward.
As Greece continues to try and arrest its economic decline, Germany OK'd another $170 billion worth of bailout funds to keep the government operating, to prevent the country from going bankrupt and to keep Greece in the eurozone.
While Aung San Suu Kyi is out of prison and free to run in the upcoming elections in the country formerly known as Burma, there are still signs that there is more work to do. But many in Myanmar are just thrilled with the progress they've had so far.
Senegal's voters went to the polls on Sunday to choose a president. If incumbent Abdoulaye Wade wins, despite a constitution that says an incumbent can't win a third term, there are fears that there could be a great deal of unrest in what has otherwise been a stable African democracy.