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A man kisses a woman wearing blach shorts on a rooftop overlooking a pink skyline
Parkour star Alireza Japalaghy's video landed him in hot water with Iranian authorities for violating public decency codes, forcing him to escape to Turkey. The possibility of extradition back to Iran has human rights activists concerned. 
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Tianna Spears says she faced racial discrimination by US border officials while working as a US diplomat posted in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
Tianna Spears says she faced racial discrimination as a US consular officer abroad. "America loses, first of all, when we're not an inclusive society and when we're not welcoming to others," she told The World. "But secondly, when we're overseas at our embassies and consulates abroad, we have a great opportunity to advance diplomacy and show what America truly represents."
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A line of vehicles are shown next to a row of orange traffic cones leading to a National Guard official at a mobile coronavirus testing facility.
The surge in coronavirus cases around the world led by states like Florida in the US serves as a reminder of the urgent need for more testing. But those who can get a test must sometimes wait days for the results. As part of our regular discussion series on the coronavirus, The World's Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with epidemiologist Michael Mina, from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health who addressed the latest advances in COVID-19 testing.
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US Sen. Marco Rubio is shown wearing a dark suit and speaking with a small placard in front of him with his name on it.
China announced retaliatory sanctions on Monday against the United States for “interfering in China’s internal affairs.” And, Polish President Andrzej Duda has won another term in office after an election runoff held on Sunday. Also, Zindzi Mandela, daughter of former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, has died.
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A woman stands at a memorial.
In 1990, Bosnian Serb forces killed about 8,000 Muslim men and boys during the Balkan conflict in what’s now known as the Srebrenica massacre. It was the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II. But 25 years on, war crimes and crimes against humanity are rarely prosecuted. David Scheffer, who was the US ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues from 1997 to 2001, explains why.
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Mayor Park Won-soon speaks during an event at Seoul City Hall in Seoul, South Korea, July 8, 2020.
South Koreans are mourning the death of Park Won-soon, a prominent liberal politician and presidential hopeful. But the Seoul mayor’s apparent suicide coincides with reports that he was under investigation for sexual harassment.
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Brayan Guevara in front of Irving Park Elementary School, in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he is a teacher's assistant, June 3, 2020.
Brayan Guevara's mother and grandparents were teachers. Now, he's on the same path, and he wants to serve as a model for his students — especially those who are Black, Latino and Afro Latino — so that they, too, see a future for themselves in education.
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The entrance to Flinders Street train station is shown with nine clocks along the top and nearly empty of people.
While the US struggles to contain its first surge of COVID-19, Melbourne, home to nearly 5 million Australians, is on its second lockdown. And, Canada’s ethics commissioner is looking into allegations that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the country’s conflict of interest law over his ties to a children’s charity. Also, over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of anonymous letters have been traded in Medellín, Colombia, through a project called Love in the Time of Coronavirus — inspired by the famous Gabriel García Márquez novel.
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A restaurant posts a closed sign in Melbourne
After getting a taste of some version of normalcy, Melbourne went into another lockdown this week. Five million residents will be barred from leaving their homes except for essential reasons and orders between Victoria closed between neighboring states are shut down.
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Russian state-owned television station RT logo is seen through a window with caution tape in front of a building
Latvia and Lithuania have banned Kremlin-tied RT television channels over links to Dmitry Kiselev, who is sanctioned by the EU for spreading propaganda about Ukraine. "The problem is that RT is a part of this infrastructure of propaganda," media expert Solvita Denisa-Liepniece told The World's Carol Hills.