Full story - November 19, 2019
Children play with a wheelbarrow.
Former US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, spoke with Marco Werman about the US' decision to recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank as legal. He explains the ramifications this decision could have for peace in the region.
Full story - November 19, 2019
A black and white panda bear holds a bamboo in his mouth
The US and China don’t have the best relationship right now. Could panda diplomacy be why Bei Bei the panda is leaving the National Zoo?
Full story - November 18, 2019
An indigenous woman holding a Wiphala flag carries a kid, in La Paz, Bolivia November 13, 2019.
Unrest in Bolivia worsens as protesters want to restore a popular government that has reduced poverty rates and has given the nation’s long-neglected Indigenous people a voice. Critics see the backlash to interim president Jeanine Añez as a dangerous effort to undermine democracy.
Full story - November 18, 2019
Mother, father and baby pose outside for a photo in wooded area
Waad al-Kateab decided to film her own life in Aleppo continously for five years, in which she fell in love, married a doctor, gave birth, and survived the months-long siege, airstrikes and snipers, while living in an upper floor of the last hospital in the city.  
Full story - November 18, 2019
Ferkat Jawdat, a Uighur living in Virginia, has asked the US government to pressure China to release minorities, including his mother, from "re-education camps." 
One Uighur activist living in Virginia started speaking out to protest his mother's detainment in a Chinese "re-education camp." Now, he's calling on the US to do more to protect other Uighurs in China.
Full story - November 15, 2019
Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, departs after concluding her testimony before a House Intelligence Committee hearing as part of the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, on November 15, 201
In the second day of televised impeachment hearings, one former diplomat says it's been distressing to watch the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, who was abruptly removed from her post as US ambassador to Ukraine earlier this year.
Full story - November 15, 2019
Looking up at the sunshine coming through tree tops in a forest.
Exposure to the outdoors in a park can save the world trillions in health care costs, a new report says.
Full story - November 14, 2019
A nurse hands out a red ribbon to a woman, to mark World AIDS Day, at the entrance of Emilio Ribas Hospital, in Sao Paulo December 1, 2014.
Under President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s ascendant religious right is winning a war over sexual health information — and sexual health educators find themselves increasingly marginalized.