Singapore is known for being a country of limits. People know one way to act -- and that's conservatively. But in recent years, as competition has intensified, the city-state's government has tried to transform its economy. But it's run into a problem: most of its people don't know how to be creative.
Saroo Brierly was separated from his family when he was just 5 years old. He'd gotten on a train, fallen asleep and woken up in Calcutta, far away from his hometown -- a home he didn't even know the name of. He was eventually adopted by an Australian couple but recently used Google Earth to research where he might be from. He reunited with his mom 25 years after being separated from her.
Pakistan has pushed the United States for years to share its Predator drone technology. The United States has resisted so Pakistan is turning to China to help it build its own drone fleet. Though Pakistan is relatively tight-lipped about what it wants, a retired Pakistani general said they'll likely be armed.
In a new report from the BBC, critics are alleging that the government in Uzbekistan is possibly running a secret program to forcibly sterilize women as a means of population control. Doctors are said to be given monthly quotas and sterilization sometimes occurs without the woman's knowledge. Uzbekistan denies any program exists.
There's a movement afoot in France to build a themepark to rival Walt Disney's Euro-Disney -- and it would feature as its main character Napoleon Bonaparte. The proposed site is about an hour south of Paris in the city of Montreau.
Joseph Goebbels commissioned a movie, titled Titanic, that was to serve as a piece of anti-British Nazi propaganda. It was dramatized and fictionalized, but based on the same series of events that led to the famous ocean liner's sinking in the North Atlantic.
William Boyd, a popular British author, will be the latest person to take the mantle of Ian Fleming and write a book based on the well-known, popular James Bond character that Fleming introduced to the world in 1953.
Never before has such a dramatic power transfer in China unfolded in the Internet era. Making this even more dramatic is controversial news this week that a one-time popular party leader has been suspended from his posts and his wife has been arrested and charged with murder. All this is unfolding on the Internet in China.
Some 37 years after the United States pulled the last of its forces from Vietnam, ending the Vietnam War, the people of Vietnam are clamoring for closer ties to American culture. To do that, though, they need to know English. So in Vietnam, English is king.
In a closely-watched European court case, an EU human rights court said five terror suspects in the U.K. would not have their human rights violated if they were extradited to the United States. The case was viewed as a sort of referendum on the U.S. criminal justice system.