Trump announced the plan, billed as the "deal of the century," in Washington, DC, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday. But missing from the announcement were Palestinians — who preemptively rejected the proposal, citing pro-Israel bias. One Palestinian activist speaking prior to the plan's unveiling called it a "scam."

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US President Donald Trump is shown speaking from a podium with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shown standing next to him clapping.
US President Donald Trump unveiled a peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday. A White House ceremony was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said it was a "historic day." Palestinian leaders had rejected Trump's long-delayed plan even before its official release, saying his administration was biased toward Israel. And, Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowed to defeat the coronavirus, which has killed more than 100 people. But as The World's Patrick Winn reports, the government's efforts to contain the epidemic are hampered by the public's lack of trust. Also, the US Supreme Court is giving the Trump administration greater leeway to refuse green card applicants.
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A composition with two photographs depicting two men posing with bread they've set on the ground.
From The World and PRX, this is The Number in the News. Today’s number: 2. A man in New Zealand and another man in Spain created an “Earth sandwich” by placing slices of bread on precise points on either side of the planet. Nineteen-year-old Etienne Naude of Auckland, New Zealand, explains why he has been wanting to do this for years. The Number in the News is a daily flash briefing for your smart speaker that we’re featuring as a special segment here in The World’s podcast feed. Listen to the Number in the News every morning to hear a shareable story in just two minutes. It’s one number you won’t forget, and why it’s in the news today.
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Panelists sit in front of a blue wall
Daria Kaleniuk, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Center in Ukraine spoke with The World's Marco Werman about "the weak part of American democracy."
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US President Donald Trump is shown in soft focus in the near ground as John Bolton speaks  from behind him.
President Donald Trump's former national security advisor, John Bolton, makes his presence felt at the Senate impeachment trial after a leak of his book manuscript suggests there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Also, we look back on the life of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his formative years growing up in Italy. Plus, what is life like today in Auschwitz on the 75th anniversary of the death camp's liberation by Soviet troops?
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A group of people are shown protesting with one man in the middle with his hand raised and finger pointing to the sky.
As the Egyptian government takes steps to consolidate control, Egyptians are still finding ways to resist.
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(L) The cover of "American Dirt" and (R) author Jeanine Cummins.
The controversy centers around who gets to tell a story, and the people who get to make that decision in America’s book publishing industry.
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student on steps
Service providers don’t like to call it “cheating” — they prefer the terms “academic writing” and “online tutoring.”
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A man is sitting cross-legged in front of a tent and holding a guitar.
Nine years after the Egyptian revolution, this artist duo looks back at protests that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak and changed the country's direction.
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US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is shown in a photo shot from below with his right hand out and standing in front of a microphone.
Lawmakers finish making their case in the US Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. We take a look back at the first week of the impeachment trial. And, health officials across China are stepping up their response to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Air and train travel have been suspended in several cities, and the government has closed the Forbidden City and parts of the Great Wall as the country heads into a holiday weekend. Also, what does a Gullah expression of West African culture sound like? We hear from Clay Ross and Kevin Hamilton of the Grammy-nominated Ranky Tanky, a quintet from South Carolina whose soulful Gullah music draws from jazz and from the sounds of the descendants of enslaved Africans in the American South.