Germany's government is encouraging its citizens to buy new, environmentally friendly cars by subsidizing the purchase.
The G20 world leaders emerged with plan that includes a $1.1 trillion-dollar pledge to the International Monetary Fund.
With more and more people getting laid off, increasing numbers are looking to volunteer overseas.
Author Minal Hajratwala tells us about her favorite Indian "fusion music" and her book "Leaving India -- My Family's Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents."
Customers from Mumbai to Beijing say they want lighter skin, but health professionals are concerned.
Panama's campaign to vaccinate girls against cervical cancer focuses on cancer but not the sexually transmitted virus.
Yiyun Li didn't speak English until her early 20s when she moved to the United States; now she's an acclaimed writer but only writes in English.
In Australian philosopher Peter Singer's latest book, he argues that we have a moral obligation to help the world's poor. The book is called 'The Life You Can Save.'
Google Ocean lets users explore the underwater terrain, and view articles and videos about marine science.
The global effort to combat Malaria faces possible major setback as doctors fight to eliminate a drug-resistant malaria parasite in Cambodia.