Syrians had an opportunity to cast votes on Monday. The government said it went smoothly and turnout was high. But critics, still battling the government in some parts of the country, rejected the election as illegitimate, so long as President Bashar al-Assad remains in power.
Greek voters threw out the most prominent political parties, the two parties that have backed austerity measures, in favor of far-right and far-left politicians who promised an end to EU-mandated budget cuts and tax increases. But there's no indication anyone will be able to form a government.
A prominent Japanese seismologist rattled some nerves when he declared there was a 70 percent chance of a major earthquake in or around Tokyo -- in the next four years. Government scientists had proclaimed a similar risk, but over a longer timeframe, 30 years.
The trial of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man who is accused of trying to start a race war by massacring dozens at a political party youth conference, has faded from the headlines as it marches onward. But for Norwegians, the questions it raised are still bold. They're trying to find their way forward amidst uncomfortable questions.
The stakes are high in Mexico's upcoming presidential election. The candidates will meet Sunday to debate the issues, but many in Mexico won't be watching as the two largest television networks have chosen not to air them, in favor of regular programming.
Chen Guangcheng, who perhaps will be coming to the United States to study law, has a story that seems like it's come straight out of a Hollywood movie studio. Experts say that's probably intentional -- with Chinese activists becoming more sophisticated about how they can appeal to an American audience.
Tomás Borge, the last living co-founder of the Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, died on Monday in his home country. Borge has been imprisoned and tortured by Nicaragua's dictator, only to take control of the prisons after a revolution and use the same techniques.
Toronto elected a new mayor back in 2010 on promises of halting the war on the car. His target? Bicycles. Since his election, he's followed through and now cyclists say the city can be downright dangerous to ride your bike through.
In the United Kingdom, the city of Gloucester has a tradition of presenting a pie to the king or queen. But this isn't just any pie, it's a pie made with lamprey. Unfortunately, lamprey were fished nearly to death in the U.K. and are a protected species now. So Gloucester has to look to the former colonies to get the pie's key ingredient.
Mali is in turmoil right now. The civilian government was overthrown and is only now being re-established. The northern part of the country has been cut off from the capital and the government in a rebellion. Much of this can be traced back to mass migration after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.