The 42,000 plane trees lining France's historic Canal du Midi are being felled because of a fungus brought to Europe by US soldiers in World War II. Will the planes that decorate the streets of cities such as Paris and London share the same fate?
Much of the actual construction of San Francisco's new Bay Bridge was actually done in China. The bridge was then shipped to San Francisco for assembly.
Though their protests share some striking similarities, there are clear differences between the Occupy Wall Street protest and those in Egypt's Tahrir Square. Among them? The Egyptians are much better at marketing.
They sat at London's Gatwick airport for more than eight hours without food, waiting to get to London's Heathrow airport, despite it being close enough that some passengers volunteered to walk.
China has opened more than 300 Confucius Institutes around the globe, 21 of them in Africa, as they try to reform their image and build cultural ties with people all over the world.
In an effort to foster economic ties, a village in Ghana is making an American woman its queen mother. They hope she'll help the village redevelop.
Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai rose from poverty in Pakistan to the pinnacle of Washington, D.C., society. But his fall has been nearly as far. The man is now under house arrested, accused of being a Pakistani spy.
An Israeli man, descended from Libyan Jews, is trying to preserve the vanishing history of the Jewish people of Libya.
As unmanned aerial vehicles become more important to the U.S. military, North Dakota and its schools are trying to lead the way in preparing pilots and mechanics for these new airplanes.
As Greeks deal with the persistent national crisis, the bonds of family are being tested as every struggles to even get by. Generations living under one roof, trying to get by on less and less money.