Mexico's tomato farmers have found great success sending their products to the United States since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agency 20 years ago. But it's come at a cost to Florida's tomato growers.
When NAFTA was passed two decades ago, critics hailed it as a boon for the American economy. Critics assailed it and said it would cost American jobs. While it's hard to say who was right, in Michigan's car towns, many workers feel left out of any boom.
The U.S. Army often needs people who speak a specific language in its ranks. Many of those people though, while living in the United States, aren't U.S. citizens or permanent residents. That's presented a problem for the Army, but one that an innovative program aims to solve.
Tracking Africa's wild animals requires a lot of science, a little technology and a whole lot of hard work. One project need your help in getting that work done. It's called Snapshot Serengeti, and it hopes to use the general public to catalog the millions of images that researchers take in one park in Tanzania.
Egyptians over the weekend cast ballots in a two-part referendum on its proposed new constitution. But protests, meanwhile continue, with protesters for and against the constitution taking to the street. It's gotten to the point where business officials say its cutting into their profits.
Various people around the world are looking to Dec. 21, the last day on an ancient Mayan calendar, as the end of the world. And while that theory has long been discredited, some people, especially in China, are madly preparing for that day.
A Chinese company is moving to begin a large copper mining project in rural Myanmar, but its running into stiff resistance from monks and local farmers who say they're being taken advantage of. Police moved in with water cannons and fire bombs -- but the national government says that won't happen again.
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is out in theaters this weekend, and it will be a big screen celebration of the Elvish language. Tolkien spent years, some of them in World War I trenches, developing the language. It's perhaps the most elaborate fictional language ever.
Egypt had a bloody political clash last week as opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood charged President Mohammed Morsi with attempting to overstep limits on his political power. Now, Egyptians are growing disillusioned with the recently elected Morsi.
China's propaganda ministry has long been an active controller of public messages in the Communist country. But nowadays, with greater access to the Internet and skepticism running high, the propaganda ministry is stepping up its efforts, but trying to be more unseen in what it does.