In the Ukraine, politicians admit that the courts only protect the people in power. Lose an election and you could go to jail. That's just one of the more surprising revelations in a new documentary that examines life in Ukraine through the lens of its successful and popular soccer team, Chelsea, which plays in Donetsk.
While Americans were celebrating their mothers and grandmothers and other important women this weekend, South Koreans were celebrating single mothers. It's a big deal in a country where single mothers are encouraged to abort their babies or put them up for adoption, for fear of shaming their families.
A report released Friday showed unemployment is Spain has reached 24.4 percent. Over 5.5 million Spaniards are jobless. As the recession deepens, more Spaniards have turned to scavenging for food to supplement their budgets.
Rana Jawad lived in Libya for years before the country was ripped apart by civil war and the Arab Spring. So when most western journalists pulled out, Jawad stayed. She reported on-air until that became impossible, but continued to report online until Gaddafi was killed. She's realeased a book with her story.
Some of modern medicine’s most important drugs are losing their potency. Antibiotics are failing as disease-causing bacteria become resistant. It’s happening all over, but India may play an especially big role in fueling the problem.
When the government of The Netherlands fells over a disagreement on austerity and government spending, reporters rushed to Holland to find signs of further trouble. But in all that reporting, the examples held up as signs the sky was falling may have overlooked the reality on the ground.
Chen Guangcheng continues to recover form injuries sustained while fleeing extralegal house arrest at a Beijing hospital. One day soon, he's expected to get the necessary paperwork to being studying law at New York University. But until then, he waits.
An American company and an Italian company are set to begin salvage operations off the coast of Italy later this month, to recover the shipwrecked Costa Concordia. The effort is intended to remove the vessel intact, to prevent fluids from leaking out and polluting the surrounding environment.
The Hmong community has been among the more resistant to western medicine since migrating to the United States over the last 60 to 70 years. Traditionally, they preferred the treatment of a Hmong shaman. But in California, there's an effort underway to bring the two types of medicine together.
Syria's been practically at war with itself for more than a year. U.N. peacekeepers have moved in to try and put a stop to the violence, but so far it persists. But they still have hope. The full 300-strong contingent is expected to be deployed soon.