Aries Susanti Rahayu is the first woman to complete this speed climb in less than seven seconds. We've cued up her record-breaking climb for you: 

World governments are trying to figure out how to defend themselves against cyber-warfare, and Estonia leads the way.
The Playpump was designed to be a fun way to bring water to African children. The reality has many questioning how organizations can help developing nations.
Technology is making it easy for Americans to see tons of films from the rest of the world. Getting them to watch, however, is a challenge.
The film "Obama Anak Menteng," or "Obama the Menteng Kid," is giving Indonesian audiences a fictionalized window in to the President's formative years.
A small town in northwest Venezuela was instrumental in the creation of a genetic test for Huntington's disease. That test remains out-of-reach for the town's residents.
In New Orleans, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are investigating workers helping to clean the BP oil spill.
Under Egypt's dictatorial regime, the creators of El Koshary Today satirical newspaper must walk a fine line between being funny and staying safe.
Think those "organic" strawberries from China are better for the environment? Think again.
An international cast from the United States, India and Israel are creating a business of international surrogacy. But are we making commodities out of children?
Human Rights Watch is on the offensive, trying to combat female genital mutilation in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.