A pair of Pakistani professors sings songs of protest -- the music is new, but the lyrics are based on the words of iconic poets from the past.
A new tool available called FrontlineForms could help collect health, agricultural, and human rights data via a mobile phone network in many parts of the world.
A virtual reality game based on the 1980s video game PacMan is gaining popularity in France; it's called Urban PacMan.
Italian car company Fiat's transformation from the butt of jokes to Chrysler's potential savior.
Musician Quincy Jones has circulated a petition urging the White House to appoint a "minister of culture."
Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo argues that stopping most aid to Africa would spur economic growth.
Wikipedia now has more than 2 million articles in more than 250 languages -- author Andrew Li explains what makes the online encyclopedia tick.
Germany's government is encouraging its citizens to buy new, environmentally friendly cars by subsidizing the purchase.
The G20 world leaders emerged with plan that includes a $1.1 trillion-dollar pledge to the International Monetary Fund.
With more and more people getting laid off, increasing numbers are looking to volunteer overseas.