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Bull and bear, symbols for successful and bad trading are seen in front of the German stock exchange
The US just passed a $2 trillion stimulus. But how does it look compared to efforts in some European countries to mitigate the economic effect of the coronavirus pandemic?
Full story - April 03, 2020
Arrivals at Incheon International Airport are directed by staff in protective gear.
While an increasing number of countries are tightening their borders in an effort to halt further infections, South Korea is taking a different approach. But a rise in imported cases threatens to roll back some of the country’s progress.
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A French bulldog puppy looks at the camera
From The World and PRX, this is The Number in the News. Today’s number: 71. Swedish audio streaming site Spotify surveyed 5,000 pet owners from Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy and the United States and found that 71% of pet owners play music for their pets when they leave the house. Your pup might be getting extra attention as the world hunkers down amid the pandemic. But if you need some pet-free time as you work from home, Spotify has teamed up with British actor Ralph Ineson — best known for his roles in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and The Office — to create five-hour-long podcasts that serve as a companion to your canine while you’re not around.
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Aged male rhesus macaques monkeys at Tulane University are pictured. 
Monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center have been infected with the coronavirus. Eventually, the animals will be tested with potential vaccines. 
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A group of people in PPE
Global cases of the novel coronavirus have surged past 1 million. In the US, economists predict 30 million people could be out of work by the end of April. Poor communities in Kenya feel particularly vulnerable as the coronavirus spreads and the government enforces brutal crackdown measures. And love in the time of coronavirus: From video-chat first dates to impromptu cohabitation, love will find a way.
Full story - April 02, 2020
A researcher in PPE in a lab
When a treatment for the coronavirus becomes available, who would get access to it? This question is of growing concern to policymakers and medical officials around the globe. Dr. Manuel Martin, an advisor with Médecins Sans Frontières, speaks with The World's Marco Werman about why a potential monopoly by one pharmaceutical company worries him.
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 US Navy sailors raise a larne target from the fantail of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Philippine Sea on March 21, 2020.
Sailors are especially vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic. Following an outbreak on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, The World's Marco Werman spoke to Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly about the US military's readiness for coronavirus — and the sometimes conflicting goals of protecting US sailors while maintaining combat effectiveness.
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Two surveillance cameras are shown in the nearground with a man walking in a stone walkway and wearing a protective face mask in the distance.
Governments around the world are using digital tracking tools to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In Europe, where privacy and data protections are among the strongest in the world, there’s an effort to come up with effective digital tracking tools that are also privacy-friendly. And, the US armed forces are juggling contradictory goals — troop readiness and troop protection. Tensions around these goals are playing out in Guam and elsewhere, as military leaders prepare troops to fight, while trying to shield them from the coronavirus outbreak. Also, pretty much everything seems to have come to a complete halt. But what about romance, relationships and dating?
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Tulips and a windmill
What to do with pent up anxiety? Some say profanities help relieve stress. But while English swear words and phrases are often linked to sex, in the Dutch language, many profanities and expletives are derived from disease.
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Lauren Holden and Gary Cripps made some quick changes to their wedding in light of the coronavirus. 
Dating while in isolation is probably not the ideal way to hook up with a new partner, but dating apps are all reporting increases in usage. Boredom and a little loneliness are likely playing a part.